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  1. I told you guys jc should have been traded in the off-season.
  2. This is looking like a disaster folks. hopefully the regular season is different.
  3. It made 0 sense if we’re being honest.
  4. It’s horrible roster construction. this is what I meant about skipping steps. we do not look good at all.
  5. Welp hopefully all goes well for us this upcoming season because if not.... especially after these moves Travis co did this off-season..... the whole fo is gone. travis and co are officially on the clock!!!!
  6. I’m surprised there was no jc trade announced. no way he’s part of the long term plan with our okongwu selection.
  7. Rondo would be ok with coming off the bench?? i don’t see it.
  8. So it would be trae/hill-Cam/hueter-Gordon/Hunter-jc/gallo-Capela/? very intriguing.
  9. Gallo would be coming off the bench?? otherwise I don’t see the fit.
  10. Supposedly targeting Toppin. Supposedly targeting Toppin. Supposedly Targeting Toppin.
  11. Idk why everyone is against Hayward, especially for the make the playoffs crowd. trae-cam-Gordon-jc-Capela is top 5 in the east at minimum. thats a fun team that still has a eye on the future. im all for it.
  12. Thank you for clearing that up lol.
  13. I think the 6th pick has to be involved. celtics are supposedly trying to get harden.