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  1. After watching bam tonight I’m taking Onyeka okongwu at 6.
  2. Fair enough but if we were to take Hayes that would bump cam up to the 3 and idk how I’d feel about that. but I can definitely talk myself into taking Hayes.
  3. Can he play the 2 long term?? Maybe occasionally but that’s not his permanent position. with young here I don’t see how Hayes can reach his true potential and I didn’t even mention cam who is our 2 long term.
  4. What’s this talk about derozan?? do not want.
  5. They’re saying they are trying to cover it up. its Boston so ya never really know.
  6. Lamelo reportedly met with the Celtics in Boston yesterday. very interesting.
  7. I definitely prefer him over Haliburton and it isn’t even close.
  8. D’Antoni would be a horrible fit in Philadelphia.