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  1. Hawks getting to the point of too much talent
  2. i had some link but i swapped it for xrp/xlm link is VERY undervalued right now it's going to make you very wealthy. same with ada. i've heard good things about matic too.
  3. i hope you do well on your new team mays you earned it this game =D
  4. the sec lawsuit with ripple is a joke they're already running a corridor publicly with japan to malaysia there's probably a ton more that no one is talking about xrp, xlm, xdc are going to be top 10 winners in the new landscape, ada, qnt, vxv, link, hbar, vet are also going to be winners vxv and qnt are possible 5 6 digit coins
  5. 6'9 ONE LEGGED JUMPER he's going to be a problem
  6. Nothing to get from this game besides jj can look down in the rim