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  1. Will the Hawks look to sell this offseason in order to keep Collins? They can't keep all these contracts, right?
  2. Any news around the NBA? This is turning into one big snooze fest.
  3. Yikes! Gonna be a boring night and day tomorrow. Thanks, Supes.
  4. Oh man, I'm so bored. Something happen already!
  5. I was thinking about the DeMar rumor again and I wonder if the Hornets would be willing to part with PJ Washington (along with Scary Terry to make the contracts fit) for him. I am aware the price is low for DeMar but surely the Spurs don't want to keep adding to the group of guards they already have, which is what will happen if the trade consists of Terry and Malik Monk. That is a crap load of guards.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Guess the only link we have from ATL is that they inquired about him - nothing else. A DeMar trade to the Hornets seems more likely than with ATL from based on what you wrote.
  7. Siakam was fined by the Raptors just now for a "verbal altercation" with his coach. $50k.
  8. Interesting. I won Interesting. Thanks, guys! I wonder how likely is this to happen. Also, I wonder if LMA is going to be bought out or if the Spurs can find a trade partner.
  9. Yeah, I see that but ESPN is saying it doesn't work for some reason. Really weird:
  10. Thanks. This one doesn't work in the trade machine though. Salaries don't match. Atlanta has to add a couple more pieces to make the contracts work.
  11. Hi Supes, I'm surprised by the DeMar mention. Aren't the Spurs trying to make the playoffs and isn't he a big part of that? What would the return look like or which teams did you hear were interested? Thanks.