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  1. We are very young, and will be back. We are setup for long term success. I'll take our core over any other team in the east, except Nets but they have a relatively short window IMO with their age. Next year we can get a high seed and cruise to the semi's plus have Reddish/Hunter healthy and a year older. I also still think we have a very good shot to win this series. I don't think we can beat the Nets but would be a great experience.
  2. That was high school level full court trapping. It rarely works in the pros but we were completely unprepared for it. Sixers length makes it that much more effective. But we should be able to prepare for it now. Also refs need to call some fouls there, they were hacking the hell out of us on most of those steals.
  3. Is ABC audio having a scratchy/static noise for yall? Annoying as hell.
  4. I feel like we played well, we just need to make our open shots. Trae will get our players great looks, if we shoot like we did post all-star break it will be tough for anyone to beat us. I'm sure it was just nerves and being in front of a hostile crowd for the first time in a while, but hopefully now that we've won a series and moving on we can start draining again.
  5. We're going to have to fix these shooting woes. This is horrendous.
  6. Not a fan of Clint talking smack and giving them bulletin board material that will likely be replayed in the Knicks locker room prior to the game. But if we show up they can't beat us. I can't help but think of the infamous Klay Thompson press conference when they went up 3-1 against the Cavs that backfired.
  7. This is just bad coaching period. You let Trae sit for THIS long while the bench is just getting destroyed????
  8. Put trae back in, he can handle an extra 2 minutes.
  9. This is seriously terrible. Hopefully the nba does something
  10. Anyone found a decent stream for this game? Please pm if so
  11. For now. It's probably going away soon too since Sling, Hulu Live and Youtube TV have all dropped Fox Regional Sports in the last year.
  12. Definitely going to have to cancel Youtube TV if they don't have fox sports, as that was the reason I switched in the first place. What the hell us up with Fox Sports local battling all the TV providers? Maybe I will try the VPN + League pass thing, but really don't want to.
  13. We're going to be the deepest team in the league if Sac doesn't match. I just hope this doesn't mean not resigning Collins. Will definitely feel much better if we resign him soon.
  14. No way Plumlee starts over Dedmon. Plumlee shouldn't be in the NBA. He is that bad. By every basketball metric you can evaluate Dedmon is the superior player. Moose, possibly to start the season since he's been a Hawk for some time and has played under Bud. I can't see that lasting long, though. Agreed Dedmon isn't some home run signing, but definitely a deal worth doing. 7 million is like 6% of the cap.