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  1. Hope was gone in the off-season when the Hawks decided to resign Joe Johnson, AND keep the rest of the core intact. I don't post much here, but in conversations with friends I stated I didn't mind seeing Joe resigned, but only if they were going to make another move to improve the roster. All I saw was Josh Powell added. WTF The "core" has been blown out in the 2nd round 2 years in a row, and the idiot ownership/front office decides all they need is to resign Joe? Jamal Crawford's contract, and a member of the "core" should have been moved to improve that starting lineup.
  2. If it wasn't for my promise to the nephew to take him to a game, I wouldn't bother going to see the Hawks. Contrary to popular opinion, Atlanta is a good basketball town, full of knowledgeable basketball fans, and they are proving it by staying away from Phillips Arena to watch this schizophrenic team. The goal should always be a championship, and it is obvious to me that ASG does not see it that way.
  3. No, the draft choices under BK were the worst. Yeah, he got Horford, and yeah he got Josh Smith at 17, but I would rather have Deng over Josh Childress. Deron Williams or Chris Paul over Marvin. Heck, anybody over Shelden Williams. These were all picks I wanted, and I know the Hawks might not have been able to get Horford, but maybe they could have swung a deal to get a big man in his place. I never saw the potential in Marvin. Not sure where the James Worthy crap came from, but I wasn't buying it. The two hardest positions to find are a legit center, and a franchise type point guard. If the choice is between a 6th man at UNC in Marvin or a franchise pg type in D. Williams or Chris Paul you have to go with the point guard. Small Forwards are easier to find in the draft. Heck they could have drafted old bad knees Brandon Roy and received more value that Shelden Williams. Even with Brandon Roy and Joe Johnson being similar players, you had options as far as trade, or your bench.
  4. I told a couple of buddies that signing Joe to a max contract was cool, IF the Hawks were willing to shake up the roster a little bit. Otherwise, they simply needed to let Joe walk, and commit to a small rebuild around Horford, Williams, and Smith. Going into next season with the same core group of players that have been swept in the 2nd round of the playoffs two years in a row is the sign of a team that is just happy making the playoffs. I really like Jamal Crawford, but after resigning Joe, the Hawks should have been looking to package his expiring contract with Williams or Smith to obtain another all-star caliber player. It looks like that is not going to happen. The older I get the more I see the business side of sports, and although I will continue to watch the Hawks on tv when I get a chance, I will go to fewer games if the core is the same as last year. I have a love for taking trips, and that money can go in the vacation kitty.
  5. The Hawks are a team without a vocal leader on the court. They lack toughness. They win because of their athleticism, which is cool in the regular season, but will not allow you to advance in the playoffs. They lack fundamentals, and are currently tuning out their coach. I think NBA coaches overall are overrated, but it's obvious this team needs a new one because they are not listening to Woodson.
  6. Nobody can carry a team alone. The Lakers were one and done in the playoffs until they acquired Gasol. The Heat have been one and done in the playoffs without Shaq. KG was one and done in Minnesota. Lebron's teams have advanced, so I'll give him a little credit, but they can't get over the hump, which is why they acquired Jamison and Shaq. The bottom line is this, no players can get it done alone.
  7. Thanks, I just threw up in my mouth again. C'mon D. Wade, surely you can do better than Star Jones.
  8. Yeah, notice I can do that without calling Joe "her", and the other nonsense I see on this board. I also can see that other guys are not taking advantage of the double teams that Joe is receiving. It's not just a Joe problem. This is a Hawks problem.
  9. Yeah, Joe has been pretty bad during the playoffs this year, but in his defense, he is the only guy on the roster facing double teams every time he touches the ball. When that happens he has to rely on his teammates to convert. One thing that I notice that bugs me is the fact that guys don't catch and shoot. They make an easy shot, more difficult. I do wish that Joe would stop waiting on the double team, and make his move before it gets there. He is also a good enough shooter to elevate over guys like Delonte West or Mo Williams, before the big man double comes.
  10. Well, if the team was willing to play with some heart, they would be willing to put Lebron on the floor. Unfortunately, they would be the first to help him up even if they grew a pair and knocked him down. It's all about pride, and this team lacks it. Too many times, guys are finishing at the rim, and not getting hit. This is the playoffs. Knock guys down, including the chosen one.
  11. Finally, hopefully the end of the hype for the overrated Ricky Hatton. I'm not going to sit here and say that I expected a KO in the 2nd round, but I did expect Manny to destroy him. I knew the addition of Mayweather to his corner wasn't going to be enough, because Hatton is not fast enough or good enough defensively to stop the volume of punches that Manny throws. I have always seen Hatton as an overrated brawler/wrestler, who when not allowed to hold and punch, simply got hit too often. This sets the stage for a PBF-Manny fight in December if a rusty PBF can defeat a tough JMM. I still give PBF the edge against JMM simply because of the size, Floyd's underrated pop, and his great defense. I'm one of those boxing fans who believe in the art of boxing, which is the ability to hit and not get hit. If Floyd looks good against JMM, then I would give Floyd a "slight" advantage against Manny.
  12. There is nothing wrong with having two max money guys on the team. Mgmt would have to be very smart with free agents, and draft picks to provide depth. I don't believe Bibby and Marvin are going to get huge contracts next year. Marvin still has potential, but I believe the injuries this year, and his inability to step up his game to become the #2 option this team sorely needs is going to hamper him. He is still young, and I believe it is more mental than anything else. Bibby is older, and it is obvious he is not the same player that he was 5 years ago. Getting a guy like Bosh would be a sign that this team is serious about taking the next step, and maybe Bibby would be willing to sacrifice for a chance at a ring. Or maybe not. lol Personally, I don't think it would take much to resign Flip or even Mo (I don't know Mo's contract situation off the top of my head). Of course this is all a dream, because I am not sure how serious ASG about building a contender.
  13. Yeah, and the back court would be a joke. Honestly, I wouldn't be too happy with the front line either. I would do Smooth for Bosh in a heartbeat, but I don't think Toronto would be stupid enough to do that one. Marvin, Bosh, and Al would be great teamed with Johnson, and whomever in the back court.
  14. It's one of the reasons why I'm not as hard on Joe as others. This team is very difficult to watch offensively, and defensively. The constant standing around as Joe or Flip dribbles around looking for an opening. The hand off screen, where the screener just stands there while Joe dribbles and kicks out to Josh for a 3. Rarely a cut to the basket, and when the screener does (rarely) roll to the basket, the pass is thrown a second or two too late. Honestly, this is one of the worst playoff offenses that I have ever seen.