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  1. That's so funny I can't even get mad at it!
  2. Born in Arkansas, but split time between parents (father lived in Chicago). Moved to Chicago permanently at age 9 and went to high school there.
  3. Three days when the world stopped for me, due to the events themselves, as well as the immense news coverage surrounding them... 1) Assassination of President Kennedy 2) Challenger space shuttle exploding 3) 9/11
  4. I was the vice president of advancement (fundraising, alumni relations, marketing, etc.) at Reinhardt College back then (just outside of Canton, GA). I walked into the president's office and saw a small group of people watching the TV commenting about a plane that just flew into the World Trade Center. Everyone thought it was a small single engine plane and that nothing significant was going to come of it. Just then the other plane hit the other tower ... We immediately knew we had to suspend all classes, get the students into safe places (couldn't know what might happen next, or where), and begin our crisis communication plan (that we hoped we would never need). I almost wasn't able to allow myself to think about what was actually happening. I just had to spend the day going through my "checklists" in order to help others. In some ways that was a benefit. Definitely hit me hard when I got home that night and hugged my wife and two sons.
  5. So if the Nets also got about $6 million in the deal from the Nets, and then Jordan has just agreed to waive $4 million of his remaining $20 million owed him, the Pistons just paid $10 million for 4 second round picks. Sounds expensive to me, but I'm not sure what the going rate is these days.
  6. That was going to be my second choice. But 15 years of Chris Paul vs just a few more years of prime Nique tipped the scales for me. Both were almost equally painful, however, for different reasons, as you stated.
  7. Given what we know now, it's got to be Marvin over Chris Paul. At the time, however, I bought into the "Chris Paul is too small" and "Marvin's stroke is picture perfect smooth!"
  8. I think most of these guys were on the team at the same time weren't they? Did they have a horrible record?
  9. I wonder if we can create an all-time worst Atlanta Hawks team (not St. Louis, etc.) that would likely go 0-82? Choose any 12 players who were on the Hawks for at least two full years (to eliminate players like Chandler Parsons who were expiring contracts acquired to gain an asset). Once we get enough suggestions, we'll narrow it down to point guards, shooting guards, centers, power forwards, and small forwards. This could be painful...and hilarious. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta_Hawks_all-time_roster
  10. I try to always wear a Hawks sweatshirt, hat, or something (I even have a tie I've worn with suits!). My son and I always check in with each other before a game to make sure we're both watching.
  11. This is what I was thinking too. We'll have five "starters" getting around 30 minutes a night each. Our "second five" (Huerter, Dieng/OO, Cam, Gallo, Wright) will get around 18 minutes per night each. But, all of the starters will get some nights completely off, which will give the second five some starter's minutes for about 8 or 10 games a year, and the third five (Dieng/00, Lou, Cooper, Solo, Johnson) back up minutes that night.
  12. Looks like this chart neglected to list the Houston Rockets. I suspect they are the team projected at 29.5 and the Kings are at 35.5.
  13. NBA season win totals The win totals for the 2021-22 NBA season, as set by Caesars Sportsbook on Friday. TEAM O/U TEAM O/U Nets 54.5 Knicks 41.5 Bucks 53.5 Bulls 41.5 Lakers 51.5 Grizzlies 41.5 Jazz 51.5 Pelicans 40.5 Sixers 51.5 Hornets 37.5 Suns 50.5 Raptors 36.5 Warriors 48.5 Kings 35.5 Nuggets 47.5 Timberwolves 33.5 Mavericks 47.5 Wizards 33.5 Heat 47.5 Spurs 29.5 Celtics 46.5 Kings 29.5 Hawks 46.5 Cavaliers 26.5 Clippers 44.5 Pistons 25.5 Trail Blazers 43.5 Magic 23.5 Pacers 42.5 Thunder 22.5