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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-team-payrolls-2021-knicks-160002151.html And to think, we have a reasonably "complete" team, when all are back and healthy, and we still have the fourth lowest payroll in the NBA. With John Collins at $20 million per year, we'll still only be at the mid-point of all teams, total salary-wise.
  2. Only nine turnovers for the Hawks.
  3. And ... Nash clears his bench ...
  4. What an excellent all-around game tonight. So pleased to see the early season success for these young guys, and the new vets who were probably secretly wondering if they made the right choices to come here.
  5. I don't wish ill toward any opposing players or teams. It is interesting to note that Washington is apparently not going to be as serious a threat to the Hawks playoff aspirations as was immediately claimed in the media once Westbrook was traded there. And now with T.J. Warren out for a significant amount of time at Indiana, we have another "sure thing" playoff team in trouble ahead of us. Sixth seed seems more and more possible, especially with our play in the first four games. Yes ... as always ... it's early, etc. Still, some encouraging opportunities are falling our way.
  6. Over 100 players with NBA experience remain unsigned in the free agent pool, including well-known veterans such as Kyle Korver, Dewayne Dedmon, Shabazz Napier, Emmanuel Mudiay, Jeremy Lin, Gerald Green, DeMarre Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and others. Surprised by a few of these still available names. I don't know that we need any of them, but nice to know they are out there in the event circumstances change.
  7. Clippers just signed Luke Kennard to 4 yr/$64 mil contract.
  8. Good to see a strong closeout of the quarter.
  9. Hunter playing well, offensively, but he is very susceptible to the crossover and the pump fake almost every time. He probably needs to relax a bit, thought that sounds counterintuitive.
  10. 1 - 37-35 (51%) 2 - 1 All-Star 3 - 0 All-NBA 4 - 0 All-Rookie 5 - 7th Seed 6 - 36-36 Expected W/L
  11. Totally inappropriate comment. Your posts are starting to go off the rails a bit. I don't post much here, but have been on some version of Hawksquawk for decades. These kinds of comments don't deserve to be on this site.
  12. After reading this excellent article, one can simplify it by saying swap Luka and Trae on their respective teams last year and Trae may have likely surpassed all Luka did. And Luka may have won fewer games with the Hawks than Trae did. I'm happy with the trade, especially after Cam's progression makes it a slam dunk.
  13. Minutes (with Bogdon): PG - Trae 30 Rondo 18 SG - Bogdon 30 Huerter 18 SF - Cam 24 Hunter 24 C - Capella 30 Collins 6 Gwu 12 PF - Collins 24 Gallo 24 Dunn gets minutes here and there. Others play only in blowouts and injuries.