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  1. We'll have to make adjustments to their second half adjustments in game two.
  2. I'm calmer for this series than the Knicks series. With the Knicks, I was uncertain about whether or not the refs would take away all of Trae's fouls and if that would mess with his mind. I was concerned that the Knicks "bully ball" might distract our young guys and mess with our offensive rhythm. I was certain the MSG crowd would be a negative factor for us somehow. I was wrong on all three counts, happily. For this series with the 76ers, I am calmer because I feel like if Embiid is not 100% we will win. If he is 100% we will lose. Simple as that. So, while I don't want us to lose,
  3. If we somehow make a deep run in the playoffs, and our young guys increase their value exponentially, then it might make sense to package a couple for a superstar, if possible, to more safely ensure another step upwards versus hoping for internal growth to continue. We may just have too many good wings to pay for, or have minutes for. Hard to say either way, for sure.
  4. Some assumptions on my part: (2021/2022 cap will be $112 million and we have $102 million tied up, including John Collins' cap hold of $12 million, and Kris Dunn's opt in of $5 million) 1. We resign John Collins. I'm not concerned about the contract details for this discussion. I am assuming we can make moves, taking into account only his $12 million cap hold, until we resign him to whatever amount it takes - probably $25 million a year at the most, hopefully. 2. Lou Williams does not return. We move on from him or he retires. (again, my assumption) 3. Tony Snell does not r
  5. Philly icing their game. Up 16 with six minutes left.
  6. With Embiid now day-to-day with a small meniscus tear, I personally suspect he will be out for several games due to his size/weight and the stress it might cause. Therapy vs. surgery is the big question. Not to wish ill health on anyone, but since it has already occurred ... Best case scenario is that 76ers and Wizards series goes seven games, with Embiid out for the year. We then beat Philly. One can dream ...
  7. Embiid out of game four after falling hard and hurting his back. Wizards are up by five in the third quarter. Just saying …
  8. I think we only had 2 turnovers in the second half.
  9. We want the New York Knicks and their unctuous supporters to mutter, "Well, we’ll just see you back here in Game 6!” and “Knicks in 7!” once today’s affair concludes. FIVE STARS for using the word "unctuous." Excellent word choice and masterful writing, as always. Thanks.
  10. The game clock keeps running when Trae does that. Only the 8-second clock doesn't start.
  11. Now 27-7. And we're still killing em'!