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  1. If we use record as the indicator, then Kerr for the season. He still has Curry and Dramond while the Raps have a lot of very good role players. However, Masai maybe looking at an on the fly rebuild, so the record may not be great, but if he makes great trades for the future (2 years down the roadish) then you have to say he "wins". Ultimately, i think it is really hard to compare a coach's season to a GMs as the goals are different, especially in the GS and TOR cases.
  2. I agree. Knight still saw isolation as the key offensive weapon. Woodson also said that offense would take care of itself, but guys had to be coached on the defensive side (paraphrasing here).
  3. well the PG13 trade certainly was a shock. So what does OKC do now. Is Westbrook a piece to try to rebuild around, or do they blow it up and see what they can get for Westbrook and their other vets? Some places I think Westbrook would fit/help: Miami- pairing Rus and JB would either be exceptional or exceptionally exploisive. Not sure Miami has the resources to make a move, but it is a pairing that makes some sense. Knicks- just because Chicago- not sure about them, but they have assets that could be attractive to OKC, e.g. Markenaan. Washington- if OKC decides to tank, why not take on Wall's contract for now, and get a boatload of picks for their trouble? Who else?
  4. it might be even more than that. probably an updated "fitbit"-like device players wear all the time. those are already in use, but with the hematologist on board, i wonder what they are actually looking at? lactic acid levels?
  5. i really enjoy it. First season takes a while to figure out what the heck is going on, but enjoyed it.
  6. Geeze, drive into work and, well work, and things change. Thanks for the update.
  7. Did anyone else notice that Bell might a GS cap casualty? I would imagine Schlenk-Pierce would pounce on that in a heartbeat, and that fixes a lot of the C/PF issues on the team, plus a ton of toughness to the team.
  8. Now that Favors is on the market, I wouldn't be surprised if he's signed on a cheap(ish) deal to compete for minutes at C.
  9. Personally, i think FA market is a false move by Schlenk. The real moves for the Hawks are in the trade markets next year. We have assets that clubs will need to get under the LT or if you get another situation like with Garnet, Davis, Ray Allen. etc. All cap space can be used in making a trade for a guy who no longer wants or fits a team. So, no to stretching, does no good in either the short of long-term. Build-up assets and use them in the trade market. Use FA to get smaller, but important pieces.
  10. Billy had a vision, unfortunately he was wearing beer goggles to drive it home.
  11. is that a Budenschlenk? Or Holdmyschlenk?
  12. I agree with this. Ferry should have moved up to get his guy. Koonan mentioned this issue in a radio interview a while back. Essentially, we now have a GM who makes moves to get his guy. Sitting on assets doesn't get you where you need to be IF you know player X is your guy. GMs that hedge bets don't win much.
  13. ASG- and specifically, Mike Gearon Jr. cost us all sorts of opportunities for being better in that era. Title, probably not, but at the very minimum a reasonably functional team that could make noise in the playoffs.
  14. Justin Termine. New Yorker. Jeeze he's in his 30s. For the most part, I think those guys are for comic relief for the afternoon drive. They get into so many made-up arguments it gets a little old. When Eddie isn't on the program, JT is actually better to listen to IMO.
  15. Those were good seats. I think it was against the Clippers and right behind one of the baskets. If I'm in town, I would join a get together. My fall travel is pretty extensive but maybe the Jan-March period will be a little less.