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  1. @REHawksFan Great write-up, but I think we should add the team added several key pieces over the COVID-19 period, to which I'm including Capela. With any team, adding as much as the Hawks have, you'd expect them to struggle with chemistry on and off court. Add-in the lack of practice (see @JayBirdHawk) and you get the inconsistency we are seeing from the team. Being at .500 is exactly where I thought they would be. The next 20 games will start to tell us where the team is in terms of developing chemistry, a second scoring option, and health. If all of those develop, then we likely are looki
  2. frosgrim

    It's done:

    This shows the brilliance of Schlenk spending cap this year instead of waiting for a long-shot of signing Giannis next year. Of course, Trae showing he is that super-star that the team needed helped move the timeline up a year, but waiting on Giannis was fools gold anyways. Hopefully, one of Hunter or Cam become that second, or third (depending on how you see Collins) difference maker the Hawks need to be a true contending team. For me, I think it will be Cam, but time will tell.
  3. Thanks for sharing this JB. The Hawks just keep getting some of the best and brightest (e.g., the training facility, remodeling of the arena, Leftwich, and now being super aggressive in FA). Its fun to watch an organization build itself up from the absolute bottom to something the city can be proud of.
  4. I really like this pick. Super athletic with hands. He'll need to get his footwork perfected, but he's 19. For me, the lack of Hawks depth at the 4 was a huge problem for the team last year. I know PG is what get's the attention, but VC playing PF was a disaster. We now have a guy who is mobile enough to actually guard mobile 4's in the league. If his offense is rolling to the bucket right now, that should not be a problem, esp if he's going in for Collins. Great pick that fills a need with one of the guys that has the most upside in the draft.
  5. Joes Harris would be a nice addition. JH doesn't move the needle all that much, but at the right price point a plus move. Much better than the Tobias Harris move that I thought was the Harris of this thread.
  6. Harden Josh Smith Kemp That would be a strange lineup.- Probably be the Up-Chuckers.
  7. Let's hope he has a little Freddie Freeman in him and heals quickly and gets back soon. I like him and what he brings. This, however, must really suck for him.
  8. What is encouraging to me is that Collins seems to be getting the offense quickly. Bud seems to want vets because they've seen it all and, in theory, can make good decisions about passing, cutting, and screening. Collins seems to the exception to that rule and is making, for the most part, smart choices with the ball and his offensive movement. I do agree with @sillent that Collins gives the bench some offensive punch. However, given we really don't want to win this year, why not invest in Collins' full growth and get him starting sooner than later?
  9. Given the new information coming out that Hart is likely to be fired/retired soon- I do wonder if MLB is in discussions with Liberty about selling the Braves? The current situation is a total failure of upper-level management and ownership. Liberty is completely an absentee owner and they need to sell for the sake of Braves and pro-baseball in Atlanta. Even with the new stadium, I would expect attendance next year to be bad. There are a few ways for the Braves to turn attendance around: 1. abandon the rebuild through the minors and make significant trades and FA to bring in "name"
  10. I agree. I hope we don't lose some of the international guys signed by Copy, but I'm pretty sure we'll lose at least Matian. The organization may also get a lot of restrictions placed on signings over several years. Essentially, this is like an FBS school finding out their HC committed multiple recruitment violations. The hope is by getting rid of the coach and staff that committed the infractions the penalty will be less. But, loss of institutional control seems applicable here. I do wonder if now is the time to do a full re-set of Braves management. the two Johns and McGuirk nee
  11. The fist 25-35 games are going to be tough. I expect some good games, and some absolute nightmare ones. Too many new guys for the offense to run the way Bud envisions it. But as long as they keep trying and communicate they can have a 'better' last 50ish games. We'll just have to take our lumps and hope the guys learn quickly from them - or maybe not so we get a higher draft pick. Chose your particular poison here.
  12. Completely agree. Dennis got to show he can carry a low talent team through a tourney. I think his assists to TO will be better this upcoming NBA season than in the tourney due to him being more familiar with the system (though not his team). I suspect the first 25-30 games will be a little rough on the ratio, but it'll improve after that as the team gels.
  13. At least Cunningham is doing something with the beat. hopefully he'll be pro-active in his coverage and not just wait for things to happen
  14. Well, start #5 was a stinker. 3.1 IP 7 ER 10 H 2 BB 2 K, ERA is now 3.58 As with any rookie pitcher, these sorts of games are going to happen.