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  1. I understand the NBA's perspective on not inviting the bottom of the league to play in games that count. However, young teams that are being left are going to be at a disadvantage over time. I wonder if the NBA could create another bubble for those teams to scrimmage against one another? Competitive basketball is the best teacher for playing the game and playing together. These are scrimmages so they don't count for record. The benefit is the bottom team, esp. Atlanta, Cleveland, and the other very young teams get to play serious, competitive ball with their teammates. Problems with this plan: 1. injury risk- but anytime you are on the court that is a problem 2. There is a cost associated with it, so that may be the biggest reason for the NBA not to do it.
  2. I keep voting for Deni. I keep thinking he's got some Kukoc in him and wouldn't mind that being added to our mix.
  3. I thought the record would be 4 to 6 wins better (accounting for the shortened season). Len looked like he should have been better, but was awful. I thought the rookies would help the defense more- or at least the collective defense of the team would be better. -- Hopefully Capela helps fix this problem.
  4. Respirators are a pain, but can save your life in the right circumstance. I'm trained up to incident command in the preparedness world, and getting the mask was annoying, but that is why most guys in emergency response have 'staches instead of full beards. For COVID19, we all need to take this as an important drill on what is to come. There are worse "bugs" out there and we need to learn from this incident about how we need to prepare and how we effectively message issues to the public. Both of which we are failing right now.
  5. I love the "I'm Dwayne Wade and I hurt my head" one.
  6. Remember Klay was a shooter coming into the NBA. I heard an interview with Mark Jackson and he joked that when Klay went for a lay up, they'd call it a "Klay-up" because he was so bad at it. Ergo, I would say Kevin is a better runner/jumper than Klay. What Klay does really well is slide, especially on defense. That is part of athleticism. So, it is a mixed bag on Klay v. Kevin.
  7. So, now i'm back in the US, I purchased Tool's Fear Inoculum. I have to say I like it. Definitely follows-on what they did in Lateralus and 10,000 Days. No song fully jumped out at me until the 3rd listen through when I started to get what they did on the project. 7empest is my current favorite track. It has a Tick and Leaches grove to it. Anyone else a Tool-head and listed to the new project?
  8. frosgrim

    Lineup Porn

    I doubt Cam can beat Kev out for the start of the season due to health. However, if/when Cam gets healthy, Kev will need to really be ballin' if Cam turns into what we think he will. I was trying to remember if I've ever been more excited by a pick than Cam, and I don't think I can remember a guy I was more excited to get (well maybe the 6.5 minutes we had Luka).
  9. frosgrim

    Lineup Porn

    I voted with the majority, but i'd be really curious to see Young/Reddsih/Hunter/Collins/Len That could be one of our most balanced groups by the end of the season. They are long (ok not Tre), can shoot, and explosive (ok not Len).
  10. AJC has images of new Skyhawks uniforms. These are OK, but nothing special, IMO However, I wonder if these are a preview of the big league team's new uniforms? I suspect, the new Hawks unis will be very similar but with some tweaks.
  11. you could add Tree Rollins to this list. Trading him pulled a lot of heart out the team. Replacing him with Malone, on paper made sense, but the leadership he gave as well as his defense was completely underrated by Kasten and Fratello..
  12. love the topic idea GM I agree with Supes, pretty much we are a good track with most of team. Crabbe and/or Parker seem like the most likely guys to drop below expectations However, Crabbe is liked by some of the board and dismissed by others. Parker has a lot of offensive potential, but health could derail him, again. Over the long-haul, I think Cam has the biggest "bust" potential if he doesn't develop. I say this because, a lot of think he has super high potential. The likelihood of Cam not developing is very small, but things can always get in the way of a guy developing.
  13. and don't forget: LD: Let's also put in a micro transaction that you can buy to kiss and make-up with the star demanding a trade. If we make it happen enough we'll double the purchase price!
  14. Oh boy, that sounds really bad. Hopefully they will get these and the other issues I've read about patched soon. Luckily, I didn't have a chance to go out and buy it hot off the publication. The gaming industry seems to be in a massive decline over the past few years. A lot of very buggy games being released. Poor writing, and a lot of problems in the production houses around working conditions and overall management. Not to mention the belief micro and now massive macro transactions are the way forward. EA seems to be the worst offender, but Bethesda and other publishers are starting to follow suit. Hopefully this opens up the field for small publishers to get into the economy and change the over all direction.
  15. in previous editions, you have to go into coach strategy and change the primary scorers. I find everyone stays happy when you have no primary scorer, but name a #2 and #3. That may not be the case this year. Can't wait to get back to the US and get the game, in October.