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  1. Keep teaching me stuff Marco!
  2. Them on the scooter in the mountains is my favorite. Just go, man. Oh, that’s warm.
  3. No kidding. I always am on my phone when I get on the Squawk. Makes me feel even older not knowing how to do the gifs
  4. also, how do you do gifs? That is what I was going for too! You know me so well Spud!
  5. That’s hot right there.
  6. I would take Ivan, Zaza, Willis, and Grant Long as my first four for the Hawks.
  7. I highly recommend this feature. would love to have you around more again. My neck pain from shaking my head at some posts has already improved overnight. Maybe I should do an infomercial?
  8. Thank you for the laugh and the information. I need to make use of this feature.
  9. It sure would be nice to see OO improve like Hunter from 1st to 2nd year.
  10. Haha. I miss Super Mario. but JR, though? I guess it is fair after the Kontract comparison. L for love, Supes. Now if someone could teach me how to do gifs.
  11. Everyone knows you gotta fly and get some wings before coming back to Ball.
  12. Oh man. That is cold. Touché sir. I figured I would get Mario West or something since I rarely post. but you went THERE. I here I was thinking we were friends.