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  1. He is welcome to come hang out with my three, they would love it. will he feel weird not living in a cul-de-sac though? Also, just letting you know you are going to be in a zone defense with the wife at all times now. Good luck!
  2. I hear what you are saying but this still reminds me of Lloyd Christmas excited about a “chance”.
  3. I love Supes but the talking head hyperbole is indeed overwhelming sometimes (well, a lot of the time).
  4. Holy hyperbole, Batman. Wilt, MJ, Harden, etc
  5. Yessir. The defense this year is so fun to watch. The scouting leading to our draft and free agent choices have been spot on. Schlenk seems to know who can be molded by CLP.
  6. That was fantastic defense on that play!
  7. Preach it! i get this junk all the time and people have no clue the dangers in this stuff but they completely reject medical science.
  8. Glad to hear it longtime. They are a bother at first until you find the right fit. But when you do, you will feel a lot better, have more energy, and a happier wife!
  9. I agree with Hawkitis on this. This contraption sometimes can work but getting tested for sleep apnea can be a life saver.
  10. Jdawgflow

    Vince is Back!

    It actually makes a lot of sense for VC to come play and then go to the booth. Would be a sweet deal for him and us. Did Nique really say that?
  11. I think my favorite part about the 4th this year was having my youngest only be happy watching fireworks from inside the car. Outside was definitely not cutting it. But inside, that was a happy little kid.
  12. I will miss Dedmon but $40 mil is more than we needed to pay. I believe we will find another under the radar guy and coach them up. Len, and Dedmon, are great examples of this. Anyone got any advanced stats to give an idea of who we may pursue in trade or FA?