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  1. Why do you feel like they are so different? I am assuming the distribution rate for Halliburton would make sense for mentality. Skill set wise I don’t think is that different though. Both are good shooters, good passers, decent defenders, but not very strong on the drive.
  2. Sounds a lot like Huerter.
  3. If I had to pick I would go Ball.
  4. Downton Abbey Stranger things Friday Night Lights This is us Lost in Space
  5. Having those three playing the same position on our team would be a problem I would love to have!
  6. Trae always seems to be standing straight up on D. He never a seems to be in a good stance.
  7. Jdawgflow

    Ask Supes

    Simmons really needs to be used like Diaw in Phoenix. Small ball 5 and run offense through the high post. Then get a PG who can spot up for threes and play strong D.
  8. Trade Turner for him. Easy
  9. He is welcome to come hang out with my three, they would love it. will he feel weird not living in a cul-de-sac though? Also, just letting you know you are going to be in a zone defense with the wife at all times now. Good luck!
  10. I hear what you are saying but this still reminds me of Lloyd Christmas excited about a “chance”.
  11. I love Supes but the talking head hyperbole is indeed overwhelming sometimes (well, a lot of the time).
  12. Holy hyperbole, Batman. Wilt, MJ, Harden, etc
  13. Yessir. The defense this year is so fun to watch. The scouting leading to our draft and free agent choices have been spot on. Schlenk seems to know who can be molded by CLP.
  14. That was fantastic defense on that play!