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  1. Happy new year! May God bless us with a better 2021.
  2. Merry Christmas! hope it is a great one for everybody!
  3. We need to blow it up. Cut all the dead weight. Have a terrible team next year, trade who we can for picks, and find the right coach/GM and give him time to build from the ground up. Mac I think you are right that a new QB would be best. If we could trade Ryan and Julio for picks that would be ideal.
  4. Here is my guess: 1 - 37-35 2 - 1 All-Star 3 - 0 All-NBA 4 - 1 All-Rookie 5 - 8th Seed 6 - 37-35 Expected W/L
  5. I agree with everyone here that Sarah is the best Hawks writer we have had that I can remember. Her reporting is great, her stories are excellent, and her questions are on point. I am afraid we will not have her long.
  6. I agree Ryan has taken a step back. He is not 2016 Ryan but still can be a winner (for at least a few more years). Until we completely change from wanting shiny things as a franchise to doing the little things like defense and excellent line play we are not going to win. The culture needs a complete reboot.
  7. I don’t think I would go that far. He is not perfect but top half of the league. And we are stuck with him a few more years anyway. A great line will do him and the running game wonders. I have always admired the Steelers. Smash mouth and mean defense.
  8. We need to address the OL and DL for the first time I can remember. It all starts up front. Everyone will be better if we can only get good line play.
  9. Good start getting two starters. Now what are we going to do about a big bat? 1. Ozuna 2. Trade 3. Brantley or Pederson 4. Other
  10. The whole team is just not very good and needs to be rebuilt from the bottom up with draft picks and from the top down with new management including Uncle Arthur getting out of the way and just cheering.
  11. So much this! Amazing how a team looks when your players making the most money are scheduled to have a positive impact.