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  1. Huerter is a poor man's Kyle Korver, and could grow into a real Kyle. I think he's a solid bench piece, and I'd be plenty willing to move him in a trade to anyone who values him more highly than that.
  2. That's professor level stuff, man. I need to come up to your level to process this fully. Trae will be hard to build a winner around. I'm not ready to admit that it can't happen. I've made the comparison to Iverson before with Trae. I think it could work but he has to be surrounded with tough and unselfish, defensive minded Eastern conference style grinders. You'll at least admit that strong teams usually need a focal point to score the ball when the going gets tough. Trae gives us that. Until Dallas decides to trade back Doncic for Trae and Cam (guffaw) I'm afraid we have to walk this path as best we can.
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I can clearly see real improvement, but let's not pile unreal expectations on this kid. Next year will be the real test. Will he get on his grind throughout the offseason to improve? I think he has a lot physically, but still a long way to go.
  4. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Oh I didn't realize his deal was up! Oh yes that makes a ton of sense. He's still very productive and so versatile. He can play a stretch role or he can bang. He would help us win, which is what we need in order to make those '21 FA pitches count.
  5. Given where we are as a team, there would seem to be more value moving this pick in a trade. Either trading back or targeting a current player who could help us now. If that doesn't materialize, I'm sure we will find an exciting player being so high up the board, but probably none who could step right in and make the team better in the first year. Halliburton is a beauty, though.
  6. I've read some of the Rockets fan/board reactions to this deal. Man, they love Capela, they sing his praises as a great dude and they hold him in especially high regard for shitting all over Gobert in the playoffs. Most of them think Capela in ATL with Trae is a better fit than with the Rockets, but they still aren't happy to see him go.
  7. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Looking around the league, there aren't a lot of stretch 4's to really beat John. Certainly not young ones. Gotta remember, JC is still a very young guy and improving. Can he work on his 3 ball this offseason, and come back shooting 38%+?? I think he can do it.
  8. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Trez and Capela doesn't seem like a good pairing. Trez with Dedmon coming off the bench, sure. But the problem is that Trez is going to get starter money, but not fit the Hawks starting lineup. So I would say no. For the starting lineup we need a stretch 4. That either has to be Collins, or else Collins will need to be moved to find the guy we want. I tend to think we can work with Collins but I'd be open to upgrading him if the opportunity arises. JJJ, for instance, would seem to be a great fit with Capela. I'm not ready to make a big move at the SG/SF positions. I need to see what kind of natural sophomore growth we get with Cam and Hunter.
  9. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I'll be looking forward to the lottery. I'm really intrigued by Halliburton. He leads his teams in points, rebounds, assists, and steals. Plug his numbers into player finder and you will see 4 college seasons in history with per games averages better than 15 pts, 6 reb, 6 assists, and 2 steals. 2 of those players played in major conferences. They were Penny Hardaway and Jason Kidd.
  10. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Skal is a kid who can actually shoot who has never been really asked to before. I say that we try him out as a stretch 4. He sure has a nice looking deep shot.
  11. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Maybe we just wanted to screw up the Boston deal
  12. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I see him a little more perimeter oriented. But anyway, with Capela you probably do want a true stretch 4.
  13. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Not enough time.
  14. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I don't know how you can get Bertans, and still have enough minutes to properly develop Cam and Hunter. I would think Bembry would have to go out as well.