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  1. There will be a great player or two at least in this draft, there almost always is. We need as many great assets as possible to have a chance to avoid the mediocrity treadmill. Losing sucks, but we are almost at the end of it. I think the organization was ready to start winning at a higher clip this year, but we only have 35 games left and it is what it is. We need to make the best of this unexpected opportunity.
  2. Still though, if you get Adams for the OKC 1st, do it. We can still do a subtle tank to maintain position, I'm not worried about that. In my way of thinking, to win with Trae you need to think about Iverson's best team in 2000-2001, the team that made the Finals run. It was Iverson doing the heavy lifting scoring the ball, and the entire team defending like crazy, especially Ratliff, Mutombo, and George Lynch. We need great defense at all 4 positions that aren't Trae, and we need Trae to get better at D. Adams is a step in the right direction. Between Cam and Hunter chances are decent that at least one will develop into a puzzle piece. At some point we will have to ask ourselves some hard questions about Collins and Huerter. But not today.
  3. We have to stay in the bottom 4, period. Whatever it takes. Next year we are going to be better, guaranteed, very possibly a playoff team. We have to keep these highly valuable assets, either for our own use or potentially in a big trade package down the road. We absolutely cannot pass Brooklyn or allow them to miss the playoffs. We should try to crush the Bulls, Wizards, Pistons, and Hornets, and "competitively" lose to everyone else, especially to Brooklyn.
  4. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I think we should probably do the OKC 1st for Adams. Gallinari is not signed beyond this year, and without significant assurances, wouldn't be worth the BKN 1st for me. Gallo wants to play for a title, I don't believe he would sign with Atlanta. With this one move for Adams, we can be significantly better next year and more attractive to the 21 FA class. We have to be better next year. No more lottery. Let's cash in on the lottery this year, grab Adams for a fake first rounder, get bargain deals on vet FA's this offseason. Couple that with internal growth of our youth and we're in the playoffs next year and people start talking Hawks nationally.
  5. Was Trae wearing the blazer from his draft night suit? I'm almost certain it was the same.
  6. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I think I might do it for our own 2021 first rounder, perhaps top 10 protected, for Adams/Gallo. I can see the value for both teams. It's a tough call, versus going for Harrell or targeting a C in the draft. I can't imagine we would still have interest in a Harrell deal if we did this.
  7. txsting

    Ask Supes

    He's getting to an age where maybe he would be content as a role player / 6th man going forward. He would be potentially a good replacement for Parker if we want to use Parker in another trade. I would love Danilo's shooting off the bench, and he would space the floor out for Teague and Bembry to get into the lane.
  8. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Forget about this season, and forget about trades for a center unless you can get a desperate salary cap dump. Get Bruno more minutes. And since we are the Hawks, we'll have the 4th pick in the draft instead of 1 or 2. We will draft Okongwu - his NBA position is most definitely center. Strong and freakish long arms. Then center will be taken care of, and I would keep Bruno and Len (unless we get some nice offers for Len). Then we wait for Cam/Hunter/Huerter to develop, while keeping open the possibility of a big trade or 2021 FA splash for a true All-star SG/SF. Be patient and don't force it. If Cam or Hunter grows into their upside, we may already have what we need. This is the last piece and will be the hardest of all; finding another stud who can coexist symbiotically with Trae. We need to find our Klay Thompson.
  9. @benhillboy you are one of the best posters here, but I think you may have simply found some numbers that back up the thoughts and fears you are already having, and might be suffering from a little confirmation bias in this case. Traes on/off plus-minus is actually through the roof. Check 82games.com (they are back baby). Maybe that is due to a poor backup PG situation, and we will find out now that we have a much stronger situation with JT. However, 30ppg players are rare. He is doing all the work to get those numbers. Very rarely does he get a catch and shoot. We have no choice but to build around Trae, unless somebody offers a trade we can't refuse. As far as I'm concerned the whole roster should be available to find the best complementary players for Trae. That includes Collins.
  10. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I'm thinking maybe we should wait for Montrezl Harrell and go hard after him. I like Adams if we're just giving up a poor first rounder, a pick which is not very valuable to us because of how young we already are. But Harrell gives you an interesting second option on offense. I've been looking at his game, and he is running nearly 10% of his possessions as isolations, and he is scoring quite efficiently on those. We desperately need another option that can reliably get his own offense in the frontcourt. Plus he is a powerhouse in the pick and roll game. I think he would be an interesting small ball 5 next to Collins. Still need an enforcer style backup C for certain matchups, just maybe not a break the bank guy. Are we making plans to bust down Harrell's door this summer?
  11. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I like our position and patience. We have so many assets, it's ridiculous wealth combined with full flexibility. What we do now (and I don't mean just the deadline, but also through FA and the offseason) is really going to define what this thing is going forward. I think if you can get Bertans for Parker and a fake first rounder that's a take all day long. If we like Adams we need to be prepared to move a future first for him, simple as that. Even if that is technically an overpay, it's never easy to acquire bigs who can fit what you are trying to do. Young/Teague Huerter/Bembry Hunter/Cam/Marvin? Collins/Bertans Adams/Len/Bruno + 2020 lottery pick, + 2020 BKN pick, and still at least one max salary slot.
  12. txsting

    Ask Supes

    I wonder do we have the assets to get both Adams and Bertans or if that is either/or scenario. Bertans would be a luxury but Adams, or someone like him, is essential.
  13. txsting

    Ask Supes

    Great stuff Supes. Sorry for calling you out on the whole Reddish thing; i didn't need to do all that.
  14. Ummm, Christian wood is better than Drummond. There's a hot sports opinion. Also, we need to try a lineup with Bruno and Jones, try to shut down the rim.