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  1. Let's not put all that weight on him just yet. He's a rookie, a prospect with potential. He's a project too, because he needs to install some upgrades in order to reach that potential. It's up to him how good he wants to be.
  2. I kinda wished we didn't put an offer on the table first, but I suppose they are trying to show respect. Fact is there isn't anyone out there who could fit us like JC. He can be productive without demanding the ball. He's a 40% 3FG shooter who can also play above the rim. 125 ORtg, 112Drtg player. A big contributor to winning basketball. Was impressed with him when asked to guard Giannis. And a big plus, that nobody ever mentions, is that he IS HERE and HAS BEEN here. We've got chemistry and we know it works. We continue to grow together as a team, that has real value. You plug in someone else and you're taking a chance and a risk. It often doesn't work.
  3. Who is a good comp for Sharife? Best I can come up with is Schröder?!?
  4. Defensively elite, compare to any other 2nd unit.
  5. Really, really need Cam and Kevin to be bucket getters on that second unit, especially if we're running without Lou. That's my only concern tbh.
  6. I was thinking the same thing earlier today. Think you nailed this. What a great trade, Kings always there for us.
  7. Well, at some point we will have to make a cap positive/friendly move, and that will likely be a bit negative on the basketball side of things. Something has to give, but it doesn't have to happen during the 21/22 season. Next offseason will force our hand, but by then we'll know if these Hawks are legit contenders. We will also have much more information about our current roster, such as better answers to "who is Cam really?", "can Hunter and Huerter maintain upward trajectory?", "what do we have in JJ, Cooper, OO?", etc. More information will lead to better decision making. I'm hoping we can let this season play out without making any more big moves, other than the obvious JC resigning.
  8. I've been calling for Duarte in the few posts I've made in the last few months. If we have to take on another rookie, give me the older guy ready to contribute. I like the shooting, defense and intangibles. Just seems like an excellent dude.
  9. Worst part by far is missing out on the growth and coaching in the off season. Yet he seemed to play better even after hurting the shoulder. It sucks, but he'll be fine long term.
  10. I would take Duarte if he's available.
  11. I'll say just this. If Cam can legit beat out healthy Bogi for a starting role, then yeah, we're done and we're going to win titles. Pump the brakes on the Cam train though....i was impressed he could made the impact he made in some of the most important games this franchise has ever played. However, greatness is achieved when you can contribute night in and night out, and when you add up the figures at the end of the season, they don't ever say things like 26% 3FG. So, yeah Cam caught a serious heater. But was it just a JR Smith hot streak? Only time will tell.
  12. It's clear to me that we'll just have to pay John whatever we can get away with. We can't upset the growing chemistry on this team. Before this playoff success, you could make your arguments. Now, we must literally pay whatever the market rate is, even if that is max. That's just the cost of doing business at this point.
  13. The dead squirrel he wears on his head slips down and covers his eyes from time to time