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  1. I would trade Trae and Cam for Luka. Yes I would. The Mavericks would have a coronary fit of laughter as they escorted me out of the building. Cam should not be in the NBA right now, he can't keep playing like this and stay this side of College Park. Trae's best is on par with Luka's best; but Trae has way too many off nights. Luka is carrying a garbage team in the West. The Mavs are dogsh;t without him.
  2. This thread isn't aging well and it's only 4 months in. Maybe you can try and argue you were taking the piss all along?
  3. We should have picked Brandon Clarke instead. Discuss.
  4. Where do you guys go for defensive metrics? I was really worried that Cam would be problematic on offense, however had no clue he would be defensively as sound as he is. Hunter impresses me with his ability to get to the line. He was taking the ball in the 4th quarter and without hesitation putting it on the floor with good results. And Bruno is gaining confidence and will grow into a real leader. He has those intangibles. It's crazy that he has been so efficient, but it is still early days.
  5. Culver is looking fine to me, playing better than say, Reddish.
  6. You know, I can't figure out if you're doing a bit or not. :)
  7. Cam isn't going to play enough to come anywhere near that. He is a project with upside. He's not ready, yet, to do the types of things you are putting on him.
  8. I like 82 games as well, glad to know they are updating that site again. Thanks BHB!!
  9. Cam Reddish is in no way close to starting. He has a long way to go, imo. I think Hunter will start and they will try to bring Cam along more slowly, while still giving him regular minutes, hopefully 20 or so. It's not like we're trying to win anything this year. One more year in the lottery wouldn't be so bad if it means we are developing the core in the right way.
  10. To me Jabari looks like he will fille the role of scoring on the second unit. Gives us some depth and at this price, no one expects a complete two-way player. Solid enough for me.
  11. Wow - this is exactly me. I personally preferred Culver and Sekou on draft night. However, I think it comes down to trust. Schlenk went where he wanted to go in the draft, and he had free choice, and he chose Hunter and Cam. He had the benefit of private workouts, interviews, many scouting opinions, and a lot of first hand knowledge. I trust him, and I'm not dumb enough or have so much ego that I think I know more. Playing GM is a fun thing to do, and it's more fun in the NBA than any other sport. I was irritated to lose the opportunity to pick a center, and I valued Bruno most highly. When he came back in with sniper precision to grab Bruno, he simultaneously stroked my ego and further increased my trust in him. So I think that colored the whole draft in a nice light for me.
  12. These will be popular picks for sure.
  13. We need Vince back to mentor these young cats.
  14. AND....we have two max slots next summer. We still have a decent number of future 1st rounders as well, though I've lost track at this point.
  15. The thing about that is, Bruno tested to have higher athleticism than Hayes. https://nbathlete.com/2019-bsparq-rankings/bigs/ I think teams now want to see even the centers showing a 3pt shot. For me; we have PLENTY of shooters. Someone needs to grab the misses. Plus it really seems that Bruno has a midrange game. He hit a crazy amount of midrange shots in the combine workouts.