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  1. All things considered I still think Haliburton would be a great fit and pick at 6. No need to overthink this, or to move around in this draft. With Haliburton we would have a great roster to grow with that wouldn't need much of anything other than time and development. It's entirely possible that we already have everything we need to become an East power within 2-3 years.
  2. "watching middling talent driving and kicking and jacking 3s all game" Dude - you just described the last 5 years (or more) of NBA basketball. It's becoming borderline unwatchable. The 3 pointer is democratizing the league. It seems to me that the value of "superstar" players is actually going down a bit. We've seen a bunch of them knocked off already this post season. Won't surprise me a bit if the Nuggets knock off the Lakers. In fact, I'm calling it right now.
  3. txsting

    Ask Supes

    No to Wiggins even for the #1 pick; unless you know you can move him. I want to see this team develop internally, and a high-usage player like that would mess up development for Cam, Hunter, or both.
  4. I just think if Halliburton is there at #6 and you take somebody else, you might be overthinking it a bit. He's got excellent talent and the fit would be nice. Not a crazy high upside perhaps, unless he can become super lethal (43%+) from deep. Which isn't totally out of the question if he's not dependent on getting his own open looks. He might be able to play alongside Trae, which could get him a lot of shots.
  5. Man if Ball falls to us......just let him keep falling. If five teams pass on him, his value for a trade-up could hardly be that good. He'd be the perfect dumb pick for NY. They will suck but be pretty watchable.
  6. Obi definitely has a high floor. As long as we don't come out of the draft with a complete bust, we'll be in a better position for trade flexibility going forward. It's probably more likely that we need to make a deal down the road to maximize our roster, than it is to pick a ideal complementary player for the Hawks out of this strange draft. We should have a nice variety of valuable assets going forward, including the cap space. This is the most interesting time to be a Hawks fan probably since the Bibby trade, or the magic of the moose goggles 60 win season.
  7. Yes, it does if you're looking at the median expected value of the pick. The mode is just the single value that occurs most often, but we're talking about a wide range of possibilities so it's not a great measure. We were clearly more likely to be ahead of 6 than to be 6 and below. Inarguable. I'm bored of the argument already.
  8. Obi looks, to me, like a linebacker playing basketball. An old prospect who excelled against lower level competition. I just don't see a high ceiling there. He'll probably make a fine rotation player.
  9. Statistical odds of landing top 4 were much greater than landing 6. I get that 6 is the most likely compared to any other single spot.
  10. What do see in Obi? I'm not necessarily against, but what I see on the tape is some really stiff hips and a real lack of lateral ability. And severe one-handedness. I like the shooting and the big body. I'm not sure about Deni, but I think people are hopeful that the all-rounder type European game translates as well for him as it has for many others in the league. He's getting a boost by riding Luka's jet stream a little bit, imo. You could argue that the Hawks are missing that "glue guy", the guy who kind of makes it all stick together nicely. It would be interesting to see how a r
  11. “We ended up right where we were supposed to,” Schlenk said. “Our greatest odd was being at sixth, 25 percent, so we won. ... Losing would have been seventh or eighth." Come on man! We were 4th in the number of ping pong balls. The odds of getting any of the top 4 picks were 46%. I hope it's just spin doctoring. We lost the lottery again. Deal with it. And make the best of it.
  12. haliburton or hayes for me. We have enough wangs who need to develop. I guess we could develop a PF, but that wouldn't impact the team like a solid backup PG would do. Of course, if we feel we can grab a good veteran guard in FA, then Okongwu is probably the best fit among the many PFs on the board.
  13. txsting

    Ask Supes

    And for me, while I'd love to pick #1, as long as we get to pick ahead of Golden State, the lotto will be a win for me. Most of the other teams up there are likely to botch their pick, hello Knicks. Our system is most similar to GS, so getting ahead of them is 'golden' for me.
  14. txsting

    Ask Supes

    If Killian Hayes slides, he would be my trade-up target. A lot of ability there, and 88% at the line says he will develop into a shooter. We just have to take BPA with that first pick. It's hard to figure out who that is, until we A) have the lottery, and B) get to work out some of these kids.