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  1. Would you be looking to trade him before his rookie contract is up? Who would you target? I think you're upset because you hoped he was "the one" and like so many others, he's not that dude. But remember, you hoped he was "the one" because his talents and period displays put that hope in you. The story isn't over though.... I don't like Trae's game right now, not at all. It's a disservice to Iverson to even make the comparison. However, he should have many years of development ahead of him. I believe he wants it too. He can learn to play (more) winning basketball. I'm not sure if
  2. If we don't have COVID issues we could grab an extra practice day / rest day which are hard to come by midseason. Or lock Trae and JC in a hotel room and force them to watch some sad movies and hug it out.
  3. Had we drafted Haliburton, I'm sure we wouldn't have signed Bogi. Haliburton was a great pick for the Kings. I think I'd rather have Haliburton than Bogdanovich. Haliburton is just a really good all-rounder. Not a knock on Bogi, he's a smooth player who can be a dangerous scorer in our offense, without needing the ball. It's hard to judge what we did until we see Okongwu though. If he's a springy Adebayo type that does the dirty work for this team, sets great screens, cleans up the boards, and protects the rim, we may be pretty pleased.
  4. Is it just me, or do Nets games look incredibly good on TV? I love that court. With the pace we are playing at, I'm not sure what role a center like Capela can have in the game (specifically a game like last night). He barely has time to make it down the court before we're jacking up another 3 or throwing down an oop. Doesn't look like he's in shape yet. I expect him to look much better in a few weeks, and especially when we are playing squads with slower pace. Collins looked way better, very tenacious under the rim and his athleticism down there is a big edge. So anxious to s
  5. Deandre Hunter is going to be pretty special. You can see a little more confidence, although he still seems a little surprised when the ball goes in.
  6. I think Kevin's game has grown as much as any. He is adding some midrange scoring. He had a very Luka-type moment last night. He dribbled past a close-out defender, got him on his back, a few controlled dribbles into space while shielding the ball with his body, and scoring with a quickly released floater from maybe 10 ft. An old-man bucket. I loved it. Gotta continue to give these young guys space to develop internally. Most guys take at least 3 years to peak in this league. I'm wondering a little bit why Solomon Hill is getting so many minutes, but I'm going to reserve judgment u
  7. If you're selling high on Brandon Clarke I'm buying all your shares. Still love him madly
  8. Trae needs to improve bigly. I know - preseason. It's not winning basketball. It's not even in the zipcode of winning basketball. If this crap continues well into this season, I'm done giving him free passes because of his highlight reel.
  9. It's going to be tough for him with Bogdan chewing up 30 minutes a night at SG. Hopefully he can learn from BB....the thing he's going to see is that BB can score at all three levels, and be a playmaker as well. If Red Velvet wants to take it to the next level, BB is a good model.
  10. If people would stop switching it would put pressure on the regional networks. At least give it a couple weeks into the season.
  11. I do love that both the Lakers and Bucks tried to get Bogi. That should raise our profile.
  12. It worked out kind of crazy. I'm sure we really considered Haliburton at 6, and had we done so, this deal would not be going down. I think Haliburton's floor is probably BB. And I'm sure Sacramento went into the draft having barely even considered Haliburton because there was no way he was going to be there. So the Hawks end up with a nicely developed version of Haliburton, and a defensive post presence to build on. Pretty nice to be sure.
  13. But I would add that it seems far more likely that they would match than not. They can resolve their cap and positional issues later, but you never want to lose a valuable asset for nothing. I'm certainly expecting SAC to match, and not going to be bothered by it honestly. I'd like Bogi for the PR win and the good qualities he has, but it's not a perfect fit or anything. I would rather have a defensive player in the backcourt if he is going to pair with Trae for big minutes. Either way I'm good.
  14. Was reported somewhere that they have until midnight tonight.