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  1. Has anyone seen Buds family lately? Perrhaps Antić has them held somewhere to ashore he gets playing time.
  2. Theres who should be getting booed every time they touch the ball , the refs. No sense wasting time with Joe.
  3. For the latest hit up Chris Vivalmore over at Ajc.com. Apparently he has an inside scoop that we are very close to trading Joe Johnson to the Nets.....
  4. Man kicked ass at the Superbowl halftime show.
  5. Most importantly dont forget that without the long drug out dramas with his Phoenix trade and his eventual trade to the NYETS this team would not nearly be in as good of shape as they are.Although there was alot of time and pain involved.
  6. Maybe its boredom with this series? There is no real rivalry in this series so were just trying to create one? Theres no Lebron to hate on. Theres no Pierce vs Horford or KG vs Zaza.
  7. Is this kind of like Danny Ferry saying to Smoove " my offer is this, NOTHING. "
  8. Certainly I realize hes on the other team. He isnt being booed like a player thats just playing for the other team. Hes being booed every time he touches the ball loudly, like its personal. Im just trying to figure out why it is personal with Joe.
  9. He was a solid all star for us. He never did anything off the court to embarrass the team. He may not have been a leader but he bought the lunchpale every day and went to work. There was a little sour grapes with the fans in that plyoff series a few years back but nothing recent and certainly nothing to still be crying about.As far as I know he hasnt come out and antagonized the the situation at all so what gives? Hes just Joe, lol.
  10. What the hell is his motivation for hanging around. It cant be money since I believe they would give more to get rid if him. He cant possibly think he will somehow become a face of the franchise again. He has to know anyone with some knowledge of the situation think of him as a spoiled brat, backstabbing, meddling little dork who cant get his own way. So why, why, why, does this clown hang around?
  11. Kyle Korver at shoot around today : " Well I guess I can take it easy with the dead weight coaching this team today. Lionel Hollins, lol. Its not like I have to worry about a C.O.Y. type like Mike Budenholzer over there".........
  12. Talk about starting in hell and ending up at Everest.