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  1. Deni Avdija looks like a good pick at 6 just saying
  2. I like picking a big. What do y’all know about this guy?
  3. Re: this Luka vs Trey debate I encourage y’all to look at some of the classic home court threads. We used to argue over the suckiest players EVER. I’m talking Marvin Williams. Yi Jianling. Hell I can’t even remember who we drafted the year Li was picked
  4. This will change when the Hawks start winning. The narrative will become “”The maturation Trae Young”
  5. Shouts out to DrZachary and all the old school guys that don’t post here anymore. Corn dogs is the only correct answer to the question.
  6. Who is philly missing outside of embiid and is Schröder hurt?
  7. JJ reddick trying to look like vanilla ice with those [EDIT: shoddy! I'm tryna be consistent, y'all! ~lw3] tats.
  8. I haven’t been to a game since the Cavs playoff series when we had that great team a few years back. It’s been a minute. I’m all about tanking. I’ve got to say I’m impressed with the Hawks efforts in that regard. I recognize zero starters. edit I recognize prince
  9. "Loveable losers" is the best you can hope for. I'm 40 years old with 3 kids ranging from 3rd to 9th grade I no longer have the attention span to survive the josh Childress era again. i hate to say it but I'll next see the Hawks during the lotto show.
  10. This will be the next guy the Hawks make rich on a short deal. Carroll Bazemore Hardaway Jr I can't believe middle of the road players aren't knocking down the Hawks door Budenholzer makes them look great
  11. I wouldn't buy Crawford out. I would get something of value for him even if it's a 2nd round pick at the trade deadline.
  12. I'm extremely disappointed with Howard right now.