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  1. DrReality

    Ask Supes

    Reprehensible. Had no idea. Sorry to hear that.
  2. DrReality

    Ask Supes

    I remember when you had your sources
  3. DrReality

    Ask Supes

    Agree. Don’t think he’d be that good of an influence on our young guns
  4. DrReality

    Ask Supes

    Here’s a three team blockbuster hawks get Derozan and 11th pick this year spurs get Wiggins and Reddish and second pick Warriors get Aldridge and sixth pick this year. saw it on Spurs source. Yay or nay?
  5. DrReality

    Ask Supes

    Ha. A bit extreme but tend to agree
  6. They pay him a lot of money to spin it that way.
  7. Boredom made me think about starting a thread about "nothing" just like the Seinfeld episode.......wanted to see how long it would take it to be highjacked like other threads. Thought better of it.