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  1. “…and then Trae can just lob it to Zion from right about… there.” Still slouching all weekend on the MLK Draft, so it’s Tidbits Time! First, Atlanta Hawks at San Antonio Spurs. Let’s get the particulars (8:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, KENS 5 in SATX) out of the way. The Spurs (17-22) ought to be the Patron Saints of Boomer NBA Twitter. If you long for the dying art of the mid-range jumper, DeMar DeRozan’s game is tailor-made for you. DeRozan will hoist the occasional triple shot, every other game or two, just for GP (General Principle, not so much Gr
  2. Just like old times. Tidbits ‘n stuff for the Atlanta Hawks ahead of the Saturday night face-off with the Detroit Pistons (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Fox Sports Detroit). For the Pistons, this won’t resemble the fresh-faced Atlanta Hawks team that energetically outclassed them, 117-100 in October’s season opener in Detroit, nor the weathered Hawks squad that, hardly a month later, crawled back into the Pizza Pizza Palace to get cheesed by a 128-103 score. One of last night’s Hawks Heroes, Eastern Conference POW candidate Kevin Huerter (past
  3. “Don’t get too used to the fit, Kelly.” “It’s the Inaugural LeBron James Western First-Round Exit Invitational. Brought to you by Pepperidge Farm. Like Kelly Oubre, Jr., Pepperidge Farm Remembers!” I recall watching the back end of 2015’s NBA Draft from an out-of-town restaurant, watching the ticker, feverishly checking the phone, and coming away clueless as to just who my Atlanta Hawks came away with. Oh, we just took Kelly Oubre? Cool. Oh, hold up, we made some kinda trade for… Jerian Grant? M’kay. What’s this? Junior Hardaway from the Knicks? Did we get one, or all, or…?
  4. “Do ranchers even eat Jolly Ranchers? Why would ranchers be so jolly in the first place? Perhaps, I made a career mistake?” I’m starting on the MLK Day thread draft today, so I’m gonna slide on the Brooklyn Nets (6 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, YES Network in The BK). Tidbits time! #Netspick, yadda yadda yadda. It’s not like a tiebreaker is a concern anymore, so it’s purely about stuffing enough Ws in the Nets’ column as possible to lock that 8-seed in. We get to Notcompetitank these Nets one more time, the day before Leap Day. More important in
  5. “Fear the ‘Band! No, wait, Fear the Braid! Nah, how ‘bout…” No, don’t sit THAT former MVP guard on the Houston Rockets! After getting overwhelmed by Nikola Jokic and the reasonably full-strength Denver Nuggets, our Atlanta Hawks close out their three-game homestand catching a bit of a break. The Rockets will only field one of their two recent Podoloff Trophy bearers tonight (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, AT&T SportsNet in HTX). Trouble is, it’s probably not the one we’d prefer. I can’t recall a recent opponent who arrived at State Farm Aren
  6. “Mmm mmm mmmph… these joints delicious, Trae! Where do they even grow these?” “Thank you for reaching The Denver Nuggets Basketball Club. For trade requests regarding Michael Porter, Jr., Press 1!” So sorry, NBA GMs. Operators are no longer standing by. There seemed like a short window where teams might have been able to pry Denver’s 2018 first-rounder prospect from their cold, live hands. Spinal disc surgery from his short-lived freshman year at Mizzou gave other Lottery teams pause. Coach Mike Malone hasn’t seemed all that enamored with the finally healthy rookie’s prog
  7. “Happy Holidays!” After beating a Magic squad that lacked Aaron Gordon, then putting the scare into a Celtics team that was missing Kemba Walker, are the Atlanta Hawks catching a break, again? The Indiana Pacers are in town (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Fox Sports Indiana) after losing at home versus Denver on Thursday. But it appears that they’ll have to play once more without Malcolm Brogdon (back soreness). Brogdon’s 19 points and 12 assists paced Indiana to a 110-100 win here at State Farm Arena on December 13, extending what would become a fiv
  8. Me in the rain, finding out Trae topped all East guards in early-ballot fan voting. So much for a break in the upcoming schedule! The Hawks will get their first homestand of three games or more in nearly two months, tomorrow. But the catch is, they get to kickstart it after first playing the Celtics in Boston tonight (7 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, NBC Sports Boston). As Gray Mule, Buzzard and others have well noted, the schedule-makers have done Our Fine Feathered Friends no favors. Everybody the last-place Hawks (7-27) play, in ATL or otherwise, shoul
  9. “Evan, you really might want to clean up your Google search results.” Your undefeated, first-place Atlanta Hawks, on a roll! Up to 2-0 after dispatching the Orlando Magic in their home debut. 39 and 9 for the totally healthy Trae Young! And, my, what a stout defense! Holding the Magic to just 35.4 percent from the field, 5-for-31 on threes? This is already shaping up to be one heck of a season. … Welp! As fans, it’s tough surmising how things will shake out when the calendar turns by a day, a month, a year, a decade. Many times, we think we know. In fact, more often we’re
  10. “Go to The General and save some time!” Sorry, Chicago Bulls. Looks like you won’t have Trae Young to kick around this time! While our Atlanta Hawks head back up to Chicago to wrangle with those wascally Bulls (8:00 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, NBC Sports Chicago), kicking off yet another multi-game road trek, Trae the Tank Engine is going to stay behind for now. In the process of trying to keep the Hawks relevant during what was shaping up to be a washout home loss to Giannis-less Milwaukee last night, Young turned his ankle, and a red-eye flight to Th
  11. “I prefer to go by my new nickname, ‘The Beard’, if you all don’t mind… What?” We already knew that former Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was worthy of 2019’s Smartest Coach of the Year Award, after passing up offers at sketchy locales like Phoenix and New York to attach himself to Giannis Antetokounmpo (doubtful tonight, sore back) and the Milwaukee Bucks. The reigning Coach of the Year and his bearers of the league’s best record grace State Farm Arena with their presence this evening (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Fox Sports Wisconsin). But
  12. “Say, JC, I’m stuck around here trying to stop kids like Ja Morant at the rim. You got any more of that stuff?” ((checking this baby in early since I hit the road in the morning. Safe travels, everybody! ~lw3)) “Welcome Back” my foot! I hope you enjoyed your little extended training camp, John Martin Collins the Third. I sure hope you had yourself a ball! I am certain that Atlanta Hawks players and staff, to a woman and to a man, have been nothing if not fully embracing and encouraging of John The Pharmacist, as all await his re-activation following the NBA’s manda
  13. “Tall and tatted, and long and gangly, The Guy With Ipamorelin’s working…” Greetings and salutations, Brother Taurean! I do hope this gamethread finds you well. You’ve been a model citizen up here in Brooklyn, and you’ve already helped both your new team, the Nets, and your old pals, the Atlanta Hawks, with a fine performance earlier this month (23 points, 5-for-7 3FGs, 4 assists in a 130-118 win). But we’re all going to need you to summon up the energy to pull a Captain and Tennille this evening (6 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, YES Network in Bed-Stuy),
  14. “She BLINDED me! With SCIENCE!” They’re playin’ BAD-sket-ball! We loathe that BAD-sket-ball! “Escape From New York” wasn’t even on the cutting room floor the last time the Knicks put up 143 regulation points on a team as hapless as our Atlanta Hawks. They escaped, quite scathed, from New York. But waiting for them at State Farm Arena is another NBA opponent slowly climbing out from its early-season struggles. An “SLC Funk!”, if you will. Quin Snyder’s Utah Jazz (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, AT&T SportsNet in SLC) hope to be the next team t
  15. Ujiri ain’t fixin’ this. Live, from New York, it’s Stupor Bowl II! Our defending champion Atlanta Hawks conquered the Rusty State Warriors in SBI just over two weeks ago. Now, a new challenger arises, summoning the Hawks to Madison Square Garden to wage a titanktic clash for the ages. There can be only one loser! Alright, fine, things need not seem so dire. That is, unless these Hawks choose to make it so. Each defeat, to a team as bad as the New York Knicks (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, MSG Network) have been, increases the certainty that the
  16. King James was seven when he first heard, “BRRRRRR DOT! Dot. Dot. DOT!” Not trying to be like MJax in “Remember the Time” (Best Twitter thread of the decade! There is no second place!) and disrespect a pharaoh. But sorry, King LeBron, we Atlanta Hawks fans are not looking at you and the Los Angeles Lakers (6 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Spectrum SportsNet) this evening, we’re looking past you. This coming Tuesday, it’s the drunken Grandaddy of them all. Live, from New York, it’s Stupor Bowl II! After That Other Mike Miller got his team to two strai
  17. “Dropping 30-5-5 on the Hawks soon!” Home, Sour Home! After one disastrous minute, one horrific overtime, and one lousy extra game in the space of 24 hours, our Atlanta Hawks were chomping at the bit to get this show off the road. “We just have to get back to Atlanta,” said Cam Reddish to Fox Sports Southeast after Wednesday’s listless loss in Chicago, “and get back in the gym.” Oh, okay, is that all it takes? When not even a good night’s sleep at a Holiday Inn Express would do, the Hawks insist that a trip back to the lab in Brookhaven will make all the difference.
  18. “Ha! Now I’m up 9-3 in this here 3-point contest, 2Chainz. You know my last make was the DAGGER!” Okay, Atlanta Hawks, let’s shout it together. “No More Games Unnecessarily Dragged into OT on the First Night of a Back-to-Back While the Next Opponent Rests at Home” ON THREE. ONE-TWO-THREE!! While the Houston Rockets were on the last night of a three-day respite, just two weeks ago, they kicked back, relaxed, and watched the Hawks engage the Pacers in a knockdown, drag-out. Trae Young’s baskets and dimes (21 fourth-quarter points vs. IND) pushed Atlanta ahead of Indiana three ti
  19. “Te’ YOUNG!” ‘Tis a tough time if you’re a Torero. Back before James Borrego hooped at the University of San Diego, a pipeline was already growing. USD alum Bernie Bickerstaff got Mike Brown into the pro ranks as an unpaid video coordinator. After establishing his foothold in the league, Brown would hire Chris Grant, who later worked his way up the Atlanta Hawks’ front office ranks for a decade. At Golden State, former Hawks assistant Eric Musselman reeled up David Fizdale, who was a USD player-turned-assistant while Borrego was playing at the Jenny Craig Pavilion. By the
  20. “Giving up Rookie donut-fetching duties, talk about how tough that was for you!” Live, from Atlanta, it’s Stupor Bowl I! We’ve come a long way from that one banner evening, in February 2015 at The Highlight Factory, when our Atlanta Hawks outclassed coach Steve Kerr’s future first-time champion Golden State Warriors. With their record raised to a league-best 42-9, it sure felt like the home team Hawks could do no wrong. Dare we say, NBA Finals Preview? Not a single player from that day will be dressed when these two clubs meet tonight (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeas
  21. “As Seen On TV, it’s Coach Lloyd’s SUB-A-SCRUB-O-METER TM! Now available in Volt Green. In Stores Now!” ((HEEL TURN ADVISORY!)) Would you all, please, lift our dear Brother Taurean up, in your thoughts and heartfelt wishes? Some are called. Few are chosen. And Taurean Prince is among The Few. The Proud. The Players the Hawks Deal Away in Hopes of a Tasty Draft Pick. Brother Taurean didn’t ask for this. He was perfectly fine with running it back once more with a rebuilding Atlanta club, enjoying copious feeds from Trae Young along the way. Instead, he returns to State
  22. "It's why I always clean my plates, Daryl. Haven't you heard, there are children starving in Africa?" Still trippin' on the tryptophan today, so I'm gonna give Daryl Morey and his MIT Sloan Analytics peer-inspired empathetic activism a break today. Our Atlanta Hawks (4-something or other) will try to gin up enough energy, following last night's overtime close call in Indy, to keep up with James Harden, Russell Westbrook and the Houston Rockets (8 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, AT&T SportsNet in HTX). "Don't Foul Harden, and Box Out" remains the p
  23. “I beg your Pardon???” Happy Georgia Granite Gray Friday! But for a few shoppers cutting each other off in traffic while fighting to get to that last 60-percent-off smart 4K HD toaster oven at the outlet mall, I’d have already been back at the lab crafting up a gamethread for tonight’s Atlanta Hawks game in Indiana against the Pacers (8 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Fox Sports Indiana). Alas, here we are! My large, adult son of what should have been my large, adult father, Domantas Sabonis (18.9 PPG and 13.3 RPG) has gotten over his preseason contra
  24. “Popeyes says there are only 50 Cajun Turkeys left!” Y’all know Bud and the Bucks well by now. (I hear Khris Middleton may be back already, too? Smarvelous.) On travel today, so chime in throughout the day with game notes and thoughts as you wish. Our Hawks, of course, will kickstart a 3-game road swing in Milwaukee (8:00 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, Fox Sports Wisconsin), and they'll try to make it out of the rest of this week with their feathers un-plucked. Pardon us, Giannis and Harden! Please stay safe out there on the highways and byways, and
  25. “Not quite fishes ‘n loaves, but maybe I can feed the masses with slices!” Ryan Cameron was saving the best for last. The Hawks’ hype-man announcer cycled through all the usual names at the player intros for the Atlanta Hawks’ Tip-Off 2011 fan event – Marvin Williams, Zaza Pachuuuuuliaaaaa, J-Smoove, J-J-J-J-Joe Johnson. Some familiar faces in new places – Tracy McGrady, Jerry Stackhouse. The odd ones, too – Vladimir Radmanovic, Magnum Rolle, Ivan Johnson, Donald Sloan. Fans clapped politely, but Cameron knew, they were saving their energies. Due to the Lockout, fans had