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  1. I just saw on Facebook that tomorrow morning in Atlanta on NBC 11 Alive tomorrow morning. Hadn't seen this posted here yet In the teaser, he guarantees the team will remain in Atlanta. It starts at 11am on NBC (11 Alive)
  2. I think the Hawks should do eveything in our power to get Doug. I've watched him game all years at Creighton and he is a scoring machine. I love his game. I think he would fit very nice into Coach Buds system. Plus he is very good friends with Kyle Korver, so i think he would fit right in our team chemistry. Alot of Mock drafts like the one on the NBA website ha ve Doug going after 15 and some before. We should make a big push to accuire him, the one thing the hawks were lacking is a 1v1 scorer that can get us buckets when we are shooting bad, and someone we can go to in crunch time. What do you guys think?
  3. The Atlanta Braves, despite their recent funk against teams from the west coast, won the final two out of three from the champion Giants and have a lead of 6.5 games in their division. Pitching has been consistant with the Braves. Gattis was a run away to be rookie of the year until the Dodgers brought up their new right fielder. He only hits with power with home runs coming almost every game. He has blazing speed and recently had a batting average of .500. Add to that the cannon arm and we have to wonder, is this guy human? Atlanta has a women's team in the WNBA. Some Hawk fans have a built in hate of the WNBA. They state their feelings by such statements as, "Watching paint dry or grass grow is more exciting than watching the women of the WNBA." Nevertheless, what few of us poor males that are not so macho that we can't abide watching, find that, even though these gals don't play above the rim and defy gravity as they slam the ball thru, find that they play with a speed and intensity that would put most men's teams to shame. Quickness is everywhere you look. The Atlanta Dream and their 6-1 record means they are all alone, in first place in the east. So. Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Hawks, the pattern has been set for you. GO ATLANTA!
  4. Next year in Atlanta?
  5. First, Arthur Blank hired Dimitroff from the Patriots to run the Falcons front office. And now we've got Dannry Ferry having been brought in from the Spurs. I loved the Ferry hire from the beginning and loved it even more when he pulled off the Joe Johnson trade. Now, he's bringing in a guy who has been an assistant coach for the best franchise, with one of the best coaches, and one of the best GM's. The guy who is a winner who has coached with and for other winners. Winning is about getting the right people and developing the right processes. And I'm quite optimistic about the Atlanta area teams because we seem to be finally bringing in the right guys to lead our teams.
  6. Coach will be on "The Beat" tonight (12/3/2012) at 6 PM EST on NBAtv. Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone that would want to watch it and listen to the Q & A. The First Row may have will have a stream for those of you that don't have NBAtv.
  7. The gentleman who declared, "I play better on playoff teams" might do well to stifle on this one. ~lw3
  8. Read the rest of the Article by Chris Vivlamore
  9. His baby mom Joe got paid 119Million and STILL wants more. I'm not mad at him lol
  10. My favorite prospect, Mr. Kendall Marshall.NBA peak Comparison: John StocktonRight now: Marcus WilliamsKendall Marshall is one of the best playmakers in the country. His ability to run an offense is amazing but I will go into depth on his fit, potential, skill, and how he will reach his potential.Here is where I start with prospects. Measurements- I am still waiting to his combine results but from what I got let's start.Range- Means the player in the NBA who's trait is similar.He is 6'4 which is excellent height for a PG.He is 200 pounds which is good weight for a 6'4 player.He is a strong PG, he isn't someone who is too strong but is a strong PG nonetheless.His wingspan is 6'4. That's very bad especially for defense. His lateral quickness has to measure off the charts to be a good to great NBA defender. Range: Stephen CurryHis first step is very good. His first step will get him at a parallel with the defender. That's great for leverage. This is vital for the PnR. Range: Steve Nash His second and 3rd step which is vital on the perimeter for isolation is average. He is likely not to be a threat in isolation situations. Range: Joe JohnsonHe is more quick than fast. More of a long distance type. Range: Joe JohnsonAverage speed. Range: Chauncey BillupsAverage explosiveness which is vital for attacking the basket. Range- Mike BibbyGreat body control, this is valuable for finishing and controlling the ball when physically pressured. Range: Jason KiddHe understands how you use his strength with the Basketball. Range: Jason KiddHis measurements are below average. He will struggle defensively and will be a below average attacker. Needs to be a very good or great shooter or he will need the perfect storm to succeed in the NBA.That's all the measurements for now. Will continue later...Shooting:Nice quick shooting touch from the lefty. Could be tweaked but so far it's solid. Range: Jason KiddBarely gets any lift on his jumper. That will be an issue on PnR in switches. Range: Z-BoNo consistent range. He can hit on jumpers at a decent rate. That's not good at all. Range: rookie Jeff TeagueHis three point shooting is average. Range: rookie Jeff TeagueSpot up shooting has potential. He could be effective early with this.As a HS player he was a 88% FT shooter but in the college, he was a 72% FT shooter. Lack of shots might be the reason for this one as his job is mainly to distribute.He needs serious development in terms of shooting. He translates as a poor shooter as a rookie. But he does have potential to be a solid shooter. He can become a very good spot up shooter from the 3pt line in a couple of years. Attacking the paint:This isn't as important for true PG's but it's important.He averaged 2.2 FTA with a 13.5 usage rate, that's more telling for playmaking than anything else but it tells me he is far more of a passer than an attacker. He is average at drawing fouls when you look at his usage/FTA/MPG.Most of his attacking is to create for others or a defender over pursued.Is crafty but needs to come up with a floater to get points when attacking.He does a below average job attacking the paint to score. Range: Anthony JohnsonHandles:Very good ball handler.Doesn't turn the ball overIsn't fancyFavors leftNo difference from left to rightDoesn't get rattle off the ballNever dribbles with his head down. Range: Most top tier true PG'sRarely picks up his dribble. Range: Steve NashHe will not beat you off the dribble.His ball handling speed is above average.Potentially he can be elite in this area by his ball security abilities.BBIQ:He is off the charts. Elite decision maker even as a college playerExtremely quick decision maker. This is vital for effectiveness as a player.His 13.5 usage rate with 9.8 assists is something Steve Nash does. Whenever someone has low usage rate and high assists totals, I look at it like rebounding numbers and how they got the rebound. Range: Steve NashHis Ast/T.o ratio and PPR is on a completely different level. It's fair to say look at his teammates but that stat is amazing. It shows how amazing he really creates at an extremely high rate.He understands where everyone is supposed to be and read breaks better than most prospects I've ever evaluated. In fact he and Machado are superior to PG's in the last 10 years in this area.His elite BBIQ and decision making gives him an unbelievable advantage on PnR. His issue is his shooting and lack of a 2nd and 3rd step. That will severely limit him depending on the personnel.He is so smart he is always two to three plays ahead.On defense, is BBIQ helps him a lot of help side defense and getting steals. He is able to get those right place and the right time steal.Elite feel for the game.Has the BBIQ to play in the NBA right now and be one of the smartest NBA players. Defense:By measurements alone, he's limited especially in this dribble drive and PnR era.He will be a liability on defense without question.His on ball defense is below average.His trouble staying in front of the better PG's in collegeHe has below average lateral quickness. This is vital for staying in front of defenders especially depending on your wingspan.6'4 wingspan limits him.He is so smart he is always two to three plays ahead.On defense, is BBIQ helps him a lot of help side defense and getting steals. He is able to get those right place and the right time steal.It's very likely he will need to be hidden on defense but in this era, easier said than done. He will never be a reliable man defender and will need help on the PnR. His team defense might make him better than you think but personnel is everything.Rebounding:He tends to get rebounds on defense to pushes the tempo.Poor offensive rebounder like most PG's.Good offensive rebounder.His BBIQ instincts help him out a lot on the glass.He will be a better rebounder in the NBA than in college.Passing:He is an elite passer in the NBA as a sophomore in college.He can make simple passes.He can make advanced passes.He can create lanes with passes.His court vision is full court.He can hit a player anywhere.He can run an excellent PnR.He can make every pass. No need to go into every type because he can make that pass.Great at lobs and outlet passes.This quote is from swishscout: There is really nothing passing wise he can't do. He is top tier and will be in the same class as Nash, Calderon, Rubio, CP3, and Rondo in terms of passing.PnR:This is something I do for PG's.He has the court vision, BBIQ, passing skills, ball control, and first step to be a lethal PnR PG. His issue is simple and it's major. His range on his jump shot is poor. His jump shot % wise outside of spot up is poor. His 2nd and 3rd step is average. There is a great chance that teams will back off the PnR and force him to shoot or crash the screen and force him to drive. This is an issue. It will kill his PnR effectiveness. It will turn him into a Jose Calderon type.His only hope to truly grow fast into this is to have a PF or C who can set quality screens, understand the roll, have very high BBIQ, be able to shoot at a very high rate, and be athletic. That type of player can take the focus off of Marshall which will allow him to continue to create outside of the PnR.Overall, he will be an above average PnR player. I can see his PPS being at an adaqate level. In order for him to become elite early on, he will need an elite PnR PF/C or get a reilable jumper. It takes years to do that for many players, for some it never happens at all. Since Kendall has a low release, he will have issues shooting over defenders in the NBA. For fans reading, these PG's in the NBA are extremely long. Look at someone like Rubio who is 6'4 with a 6'9 wingspan. So Kendall adjustment with his shot will take time but luckly for Marshall, he has a quick release.Intangibles:He is a leader from all accounts even as a 20 year old.Understand his skill-setHard workerLoves to communicateHe has a below average scoring instinct. He did show when the game was on the line, he was going to do what it takes to put the team on his back.Always game plan to win and plays hard every game.He is the key to his team's success.Potential and What to expect:His potential is really based on his personnel.He has great traits. Elite court vision, elite passer, elite BBIQ, quick decision maker, very quick first step, can make every pass with high proficiency. He doesn’t pick his head up when he dribbles. He is the ultimate playmaker as a prospect. Somewhat like Ricky Rubio. Except Marshall’s potential isn’t nowhere near Rubio’s since Rubio is quicker, a lot longer which gives him great defense, and his fast handles which he uses to get to the hole.Marshall is different. His below average speed, average quickness, poor shooting, average explosiveness, poor wingspan, below average laterally, and average ability to draw fouls means he will probably be a liability on defense. On offense, with his skill-set, he can help a lot of teams but he will need to grow once teams adjust to him which might take a year. The best way for him to grow is with an elite PnR PF/C. That will help him as the PF will be the one who draws the attention and he can create for others as well. The average player in the PnR in the NBA is average at it. That means they either lack BBIQ, a jump shot, athletic ability, the ability to move without the ball in some kind of package. It’s extremely rare when you have someone who can do it all. He needs that to grow on offense or else he’s coming off the bench as a role player.Defensively, you must have a personnel grouping to cover his tracks or you will be in trouble. Someone must be able to protect the rim. Then someone must also be able to defend the PnR or else see Ramon Sessions. His flaws are big, such that he can easily be a role player off the bench just as easy as he can be a ROY and a potential MVP candidate in the future.In most places, he is likely to be a role player with potential to be a solid starter. A better playmaking, decision making PG who has intangibles and is a smarter Jose Calderon with worse shooting. Marcus Williams is a good comparison due to his common traits outside of the intangibles where Williams was JaMarcus Russell and Marshall is like Matt Ryan. But with the right personnel, he could be special and special fast. He could be John Stockton. So know your personnel.Kendall Marshall scouting scores in general:Measurements: 7Athleticism: 5Shooting: 6Handles: 9Passing: 10Rebounding: 6Defense: 5BBIQ: 10PnR: 7Potential: 7Potential quality Starter. Potential comparison: A better playmaking, decision making PG who has intangibles and is a smarter Jose Calderon with worse shooting.Kendall Marshall scouting scores in looking into the Hawks personnel:Measurements: 7Athleticism: 5Shooting: 6Handles: 9Passing: 10Rebounding: 6Defense: 6BBIQ: 10PnR:10Potential: 9Potential perennial All Star Potential comparison: John StocktonHis Defense went up one notch. His potential went up two notches. His PnR went up 3 notches. Al Horford is the one player who can make him much better as he makes Horford much better. Atlanta needs to find someone who can protect the rim if Josh is gone. With someone like Marshall, it’s critical to the team’s success.
  11. The poll, as of 5:00 PM EST: Who is closest to winning a title? Falcons. (47%, 98 Votes) Braves. (29%, 62 Votes) I can't bring myself to vote for one. (22%, 47 Votes) Hawks. (2%, 5 Votes) ~lw3
  12. This is a very deep draft class. You can get B tier players in the 2nd round. The problem is, there is only one elite players and a bunch of B tier players where system and personnel matters more for them than anything else. Getting more picks is critical in this draft. We have the 23th and 43rd pick. Our roster is: PG: Teague, Pargo SG: Joe, Hinrich, Green SF: Marvin, T-Mac PF: Smith, Ivan, Vlad C: Horford, Zaza Here are our best needs: Needs: Star true PG #1 option True Center 6th man SF or SG. Likely to draft this though if they pass on the C. Important FA's: Ivan(Likely gone), Hinrich(Gone) Trade Bait: Josh Smith and Marvin Projected Trades: Josh Smith for a top 3 pick as well as their 2nd round pick likely from Washington. Smith is better than anyone in this draft and will always be better than anyone in this draft outside of Davis. Marvin for a late 1st to Cleveland. 24th pick. Gives us the 2nd or 3rd pick as well as the 23rd, 24th, and 43rd pick. That’s 4 picks in the 1st and 2nd round. Our roster is: PG: Teague, Pargo SG: Hinrich(FA), T-Mac, Green SF: Joe PF: Ivan(FA), Vlad C: Horford, Zaza Needs: Star true PG #1 option True Center 6th man SF or SG Bench depth. 2nd or 3rd pick prospects: Andre Drummond, Michael Kidd-Gilchrest, Harrison Barnes, and Bradley Beal. Andre Drummond: Potential: Amare Stoudemire at Center/Robert Swift He is extremely raw. He is poor at mostly everything that isn’t physical. He is known for a low motor. He shows the Marvin Williams trait where he is too anti-aggressive and needs a superstar player to play with to get him to improve. Cannot create his own shot. Since we got his weaknesses out of the way, let’s talk about his strengths. He’s a very good movement center. The best movement center I have ever seen in college. In the NBA, he would rival Dwight in this category for true centers. Very good court vision. He has very good passing skills. Average BBIQ. He’s not bad at it but he’s nothing good either. Elite athlete. He is as athletic as Josh Smith but two inches taller, a lot longer, and has 60 pounds on Smoove. Needs to be in an environment that’s favorable for development and has a strong leader on the team or else he will fall way short of his potential. His motor scares me as well as his desire. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest: Potential: Scottie Pippen/Andre Iguodala He is a very talented player. He doesn’t have special abilities in terms of becoming a superstar without question but in the right system, he can become a star player. He has a lot of tools. Great when at the rim. Great in transition. Great coming off screens. Very good movement player. His playmaking ability makes him in essence a point forward. His game is built to be a #2 option and just that. He’s best playing as a #2 option or #3 option. If he’s given too much responsibility, he could easily fail to reach his potential. Low bust potential but doesn’t have great upside. If I was a team without a #1 option or a playmaking PG, I would pass on him but if I was a team with it or planning on getting one. Take him. Harrison Barnes: Potential: Grant Hill/ Glen Rice He is a much better player than people give him credit for. He will never be a #1 option on a contender due to his lack of creating his own shot consistently but he’s a hell of a number two option and can post stats that can be with HOF players. Great shooter. Very good scorer. Elite post player for his position. Very good court vision. High BBIQ. Great movement player. Very good defensive potential. Doesn’t have elite tools. Doesn’t have an elite first step. He is a very good prospect. Best with a team that has a system and a playmaking PG. Could falter but wouldn’t be a bust. Bradley Beal: Potential: Reggie Miller/Eric Gordon with less explosiveness but more movement ability. He is a very talented player. Could be a #1 option. Could be the #2 prospect on some teams board without question. Above Average wingspan. Elite movement player. Reminds me of Miller, Allen, and Rip in this regard. Needs to play in a system. High BBIQ. Plays within the game. Good defender and can be great. He is a complete player given the right setup. Struggles creating his own shot off the dribble. Needs to go to a system with a system or a true PG or he could be more like Kevin Martin than Reggie Miller or Allen. What I like for Atlanta is all of these guys. I am higher on Drummond than most since he is such a good movement player. If we landed a true PG, that would up his value times a thousand. Since so many teams have true PG’s, most of these players should at the very least be effective NBA players. My order for ASG: [*]MKG [*]Drummond [*]Beal [*]Barnes There are so many guys I like in this draft. But some I like but I realize their potential is all personnel and not ability. Look at my big board. : I would like to move up and package our 1st and our second rounder for an 11-14 pick. I would like target these guys: Damien Dillard, Kendall Marshall, Myers Leonard Damien Dillard Potential: Mike Conley/ Terrell Brandon Dillard is a Mike Conley type. Doesn’t have any real weaknesses at the position like Conley. Great in the PnR and has good court vision and passing skills. High BBIQ. Doesn’t turn the ball over much. Can be a game manager or a playmaker. Solid defense and has great length. Good rebounder for size. He can do it all. But like Conley, it might take him a couple years to adjust but once he does, he is the best PG in this draft. Sleeper. Kendall Marshall Potential: John Stockton/Mark Jackson Marshall has flaws. Average quickness, defensive potential, ability to beat his man off the dribble, poor laterally, if he doesn’t have a PnR PF or C, defenses will force his hand with the jumpshot and refuse to give him the lane. I know right. What he has is elite court vision, passing ability, ability to run an up-tempo or half-court offense, extremely high BBIQ, good instincts on defense and is a good athlete. He is good enough to impact the game as a rookie. His issue in general is personnel. How good he can be as a PG is based on his PnR partner more than anything else. He doesn’t have the tools to be elite for most teams but given an elite PnR PF or C (elite PnR C doesn’t exist unless you court Horford as a C) he probably won’t become elite or very good. He will be good; he doesn’t have Ricky Rubio tools. Rubio can be elite or very good almost anywhere in time. In fact, he is already very good. Myers Leonard Potential: Poor man's Dwight Howard/ rich man's Nick Collison Myers Leonard is a below average basketball player with very good potential. There hasn’t been a white player like him. He actually can be very good who uses his athletic ability to his advantage. He reminds me of an athletic Nick Collison which is a rich man’s Nick Collison. He can be a very good Center in the NBA. Can completely help a team. My order for ASG: [*]Kendall Marshall [*]Damien Dillard [*]Myers Leonard Cleveland 1st from the Marvin trade. Players to look at: Fab Melo, John Jenkins, Jeff Taylor, Royce White Fab Melo Potential: Brandon Haywood/D.J. Mbenga Fab Melo- He is the 3rd best center in this draft. He’s very raw and will be a backup for many years to come but does have starting potential but it’s far away from here. I could go into depth but rather not. John Jenkins Potential: Jeff Hornacek/J.J. Redick John Jenkins- I love John Jenkins. I had a small write-up on him in my Big Board and will profile him later. Jeff Taylor Potential: Richard Jefferson/Wilson Chandler Jeff Taylor- Richard Jefferson type. Underrated. Royce White Potential: Ivan Johnson mentality and toughness with Boris Diaw potential skill-set. Royce White- Extremely Physical player. Has solid range. Great passing ability and court vision. Willing to do what it takes to win. Head case, Artest like. Mental? Superb handles. High BBIQ. Moves extremely well. Loves to bang! I love this kids game. Sleeper. My order for ASG: [*]Royce White [*]Jeff Taylor [*]Fab Melo [*]John Jenkins We are done with picks as it stands but if we keep our pick at 43rd, I would like Drew Gordon or Henry Sims. Our roster is: PG: Marshall, Teague, Pargo SG: Joe, Hinrich(FA) , T-Mac, Green SF: MKG PF: Horford, Royce White, Ivan(FA), Vlad C: Zaza The bolded are draft picks. The italicize is Free agents. We have 39,434,471 via hoopshype in cap after the trades. We have to account for at least 6,571,300 on our cap. This means at the very least 46,005,771 via hoopsworld. This means we have a cap hold of 58.044 million and the LT is $70.307 million. We have around 12 million in capspace and 24 million till we get near the LT. With 12 million dollars, here are our needs: Needs: #1 option- We are banking on Horford being our #1 option with a true PG who excels in the PnR. True Center 6th man – Banking on Jeff Teague. SG and SF depth Bench depth Here are the 2012 NBA Free agents. Here are my targets: Center: Marcus Camby, Houston Rockets – $12.9 million – Unrestricted Spencer Hawes, Philadelphia 76ers – $4.1 million – Unrestricted Kwame Brown, Milwaukee Bucks – $6.8 million – Unrestricted Robin Lopez, Phoenix Suns – $2.8 million – Restricted ($4.0 million Qualifying Offer) Omer Asik, Chicago Bulls – $1.9 million – Unrestricted* Semih Erden, Cleveland Cavaliers – $0.8 million – Unrestricted* Ben Wallace, Detroit Pistons – $2.2 million – Unrestricted Hasheem Thabeet, Portland Trail Blazers – $5.1 million – Unrestricted SG/SF depth: Landry Fields, New York Knicks – $0.8 million – Unrestricted* Carlos Delfino, Milwaukee Bucks – $3.5 million – Unrestricted C.J. Miles, Utah Jazz – $3.7 million – Unrestricted Jodie Meeks, Philadelphia 76ers – $0.9 million – Unrestricted* Marco Belinelli, New Orleans Hornets – $3.4 million – Unrestricted Bill Walker, New York Knicks – $0.9 million – Unrestricted Dahntay Jones, Indiana Pacers – $2.7 million – Player Option ($2.9 million) Sam Young, Philadelphia 76ers – $0.9 million – Unrestricted* Andres Nocioni, Philadelphia 76ers – $6.7 million – Unrestricted Here is how I rank them: [*]Spencer Hawes [*]Marcus Camby [*]Omar Aisk [*]Landry Fields [*]Andres Nocioni [*]Jeremy Evans [*]Bill Walker [*]Hasheem Thabeet [*]Ben Wallace [*]Robin Lopez [*]C.J. Miles [*]Jodie Meeks [*]Semi Erden [*]Kwame Brown [*]Dahntay Jones [*]Sam Young We must sign one of the top three centers that affordable for us. We must not overpay for any of them as well. Camby is a 6-8 million/ 2 year deal guy. Hawes is probably worth 7-8 million per a year but will get 9-11 million. That’s very expensive. I would rather Aisk if the asking price for Hawes is too high. We have to land one of these guys. We need to add depth but I can see the vet min guys again. I would like to add Ben Wallace as a center instead of someone like Dampier again. I would pass on resigning Ivan and Pargo. The rest can probably stay. The roster after the Free Agencies losses. PG: Marshall, Teague SG: Joe, T-Mac, Green SF: MKG PF: Horford, Royce White, Vlad C: Zaza, Collins If we make the right signing: PG: Marshall, Teague SG: Joe , T-Mac, Green SF: MKG, Nocioni or Fields PF: Horford, Royce White, Vlad C: Hawes or Camby, Zaza, Collins or Big Ben This gives a potential team that can be as good as or much better than the Utah Jazz teams in their prime. Marshall has potential to be Stockton like. MKG is superior Byron Russell. Joe is superior to Jeff H. Al has the ability and talent to be Karl Malone 2.0. Hawes and Camby is superior to Greg Ostertag or Greg Foster but prime Eaton is probably as good or better than both players. http://www.basketbal...s/UTA/1998.html Utah: PG: Stockton, Eisley, J. Vaughn SG: Hornacek, Anderson SF: Russell, Adam Keefe PF: Malone, Carr C: Ostertag, Greg Foster We can be just has great in the future if not better. We got rid of all the low BBIQ players who get in the way and added a true PG with talent and a true center. Stockton to Malone is relived to Marshall to Horford. I do think if Washington land Josh Smith, that would be scary. John Wall vet SG Singleton Josh Smith Nene/Seraphin is one hell of a starting line-up and John might actually get a lot better with this type of personnel. So trade Josh Smith with caution. Also if Cleveland lands a top SG my goodness. Irving Beal Marvin Thompson Andy V. That's a playoff team especially when you think about how much better Irving makes players around him better. Marvin would be in heaven compared to the shit here. Go Hawks!
  13. I was reevaluating the roster again. I liked some of what I saw. Josh Smith is still the same player talent and skill wise but he has greatly improved his attitude. I have never been a fan of Smith. His game is too inconsistent, he has low offensive BBIQ, and he’s not a championship player. I do love how talented he is and how versatile he is. I was on the do not resign Josh Smith bus when he was a FA till the final month as I changed my mind since it seemed like we weren’t going to get the player we really need in place of Smith. Al Horford- Incomplete. Hurt. Joe Johnson- He is no longer a Robin in my eyes. He is becoming a role player. This is scary to say the least. He should completely fall from grace in three seasons. Jeff Teague- He showed he has very good talent. Problems- He doesn’t fit. He’s not a true PG nor does he have passing ability, playmaking skills, or the ability to run an offense. He does more harm than good in each possession. His man defense is very good but his team defense is very bad. I am worried in this system and our personnel that he’s bound to peak at Devin Harris level. Teague mentality is what bothers me the most. He is mentally weak. His confidence swings like a hurricane. It’s hard seeing Jeff reach his potential. It’s really hard seeing Jeff reach his potential in this offense with our personnel. To me mentality is harder to overcome than Josh’s issues. Because, you just don’t wake up generally and mentally change. Marvin is not going to wake up tomorrow and say, I want to be a star all season long. Could it? yes. Will it? no. Kirk Hinrich- Kirk has been hurt. When he has played he showed great defensive abilities and not such a good offensive player. I still see more positive possessions from Hinrich than Teague by a large margin. At this point of his career, Hinrich is a role player. Best on a team like LAL where he can be a 5th option on offense. Atlanta offense is a highly PG dominate offense and you need a PG who can create for himself or others, pass, run the offense, and be able to control tempo. This is the same system, New Orleans, Cleveland, Dallas, Utah, and New York have. I keep hearing about D’Antoni offense needing a PG but the teams I listed ALL need PG's as well. They just don’t get attention nationally. Marvin- He has been good this season. He is very talented but his mentality, drive, and will is bad. He will likely never be more passionate about the game but he can play. He’s a good offensive talent and a very good defensive talent. Has a history with his back. Zaza- He has probably been the most improved player on the Hawks this year. He is now an average NBA center. He still isn’t a legit starter to me. Ivan- He is a keeper. He needs to play 10-15 min for now. The bench mob- T-Mac is finished as a starter but as a 12-18 min guy, he is still good for. Pargo is an below average PG. Green is a below average SG. Stack sucks. Rad is a below average PF. Damp sucks. ASG and Sund- They suck. They really do. They really don't understand how bad this is to watch. We greatly need to make a move that doesn't effect the core and not a stupid one either. As for Sund. I like the Hinrich move. It made sense and still does. We needed someone who can play PG. The problem is our offense is one where the PG is ball dominate and Hinrich isn't that type of player on offense. Hinrich on defense was a major upgrade and a big reason why we beat Orlando. I like him passing on Jamal as well. I like all of Sund's move so far but his worst move is no move if he doesn't make a trade at the deadline. I created a trade thread on moves we should make: Needs Point Guard. We need someone who’s a starter. I don’t care if it’s Nash, Lin, Mayo(serious gem used wrong in system. ex. Billups, Z-Bo, etc), Lowry, Rubio, Wall, or Deron. Center. We need a starting quality center. He needs size. We can’t get Dwight so we aren’t getting anyone dominate and demanding but I hope we get someone decent. More depth at SG and SF. I feel we can get younger at these positions. We need to move from Joe as the #1 option but we don’t have any choices. Teague, no. Smith, too inconsistent. Hinrich, no. Horford, hurt and no. Ugh…