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Found 7 results

  1. Happy trails, Angel! Aces putting all their cards on the table for 2020! ~lw3
  2. If our ownership is truly looking to get "younger" instead of just being cheap - I would say - why not let Paul Millsap go to Boston and play with Al Horford next year and battle it out against the Cavaliers? I really like Paul but we are in a "transitional phase" and at least Boston with AL and Sap inside and I.T. and the others - should be able to give the CAVs a run for their money next year. That would give us more cap-space to go even younger and build for the "Post-Lebron" NBA. As far as "can Boston afford Sap?"...heck...they can afford anything...they have the "Celtics TV Network" and they do not fear the luxury tax. They be rich . At least then there would be a decent contender next year in the Eastern Conference against Cleveland. Just my humble opinion....and after that Bud can coach up our young guys and WE can take over GO HAWKS !!
  3. After two weeks of Free Agent Frenzy, we’re down to just five restricted free agents left in the NBA, by my count, and two of them received their qualifying offers from Our Fine-Feathered Friends. Even with the sun beginning to set on the summer free agency cycle, there are still NBA teams with cap space and/or significant needs at either Shelvin Mack’s or Mike Scott’s playing spots. Where do you think the agents for Mack and Scott are turning to for a decent offer sheet, and how much would be too rich for your blood if you were Danny Ferry? Each player’s QO is a shade above $1.1 million, should they go ahead and sign it. I wouldn't recommend doing that just yet, though. Any offer exceeding $2.75 million average for either, and I’d be on the hunt for “bon voyage” fruit baskets. Between that ceiling and $2.25 million, I’d need a day or two to mull it over. Not sure I’d want to see a guaranteed third-year on any deal, either, unless we’re going under $2.25 million average. Here’s my shortlist of possible destinations for Mike Scott: Dallas Mavericks – Their frontcourt reserve remains rather shallow behind Nowitzki and Parsons (Al-Farouq Aminu, Jae Crowder, Greg Smith, Brandan Wright), and free agent would-be acquisition Rashard Lewis is about to undergo knee surgery. After voiding Lewis’ contract, the Mavs may turn to Scott if Shawn Marion doesn’t return. Their $2.7 million room MLE is reportedly about to be used to acquire Jameer Nelson, so they won't use that to pursue Scott. Utah Jazz – If Derrick Favors starts at center, ahead of the rehabbing Enes Kanter and Rudy Gobert, while free agent newcomer Trevor Booker takes the reins at starting power forward, Quin Snyder may seek a better option than Jeremy Evans or Steve Novak coming off the bench. Quin would miss the perpetual mid-game videobombing, at the very least. Charlotte Hornets – Momentarily tied-up cap space at this stage of free agency means a lot less to the Bugs than, either, dictating the salary weight of a free agent’s contract on a division rival, or plucking a talented forward away from the rival that’s been developing him. Steve Clifford could platoon the backup 4-spot behind rookie Noah Vonleh with Marvin Williams and/or Scott, either of whom can also log minutes at small forward, and move second-rounder Dwight Powell fully into developmental mode. Chicago Bulls – Kind of a dark horse, but the Bulls are reportedly doing their best Henny Youngman impression with their existing power forwards in the quest for Kevin Love. They may just need a productive bench guy to fill out that position once they gut whatever depth they have. How much patience would the defense-minded Thibodeau have with options of Love, Pau Gasol, and Scott at the 4-spot? Here’s my brief pair of teams possibly targeting Shelvin Mack: Los Angeles Lakers – Unless you can count on 2000-plus minutes of floor time from Steve Nash next season, you’ll probably want another point guard in his stead behind Jeremy Lin. Kendall Marshall is on the outs after a subpar Summer League run (EDIT: and supplanted by second-rounder Jordan Clarkson). Mack is no defensive specialist, but he (and you, perhaps) can’t do much worse than Nash in that capacity, and when needed he’s about as steady with the ball as any of the other options out there for the Lakers. Besides, how difficult will it be to bring the ball up and hand it to soon-to-be player-coach Kobe? Utah Jazz – There’s the Quin Factor again, and also the Butler Bulldog connection now that Gordon Hayward’s back for the long haul in Salt Lake. Shelvin has shown a comfort level playing off the ball as a second small guard in the backcourt, something he’d have to remain accustomed to, so long as Trey Burke and Dante Exum are buzzing in the Beehive State. ~lw3
  4. 1.) Since I am new, I would just like to start out by saying what a god I think Danny Ferry is for pulling off the Joe Johnson trade. I was hoping we would do a sign and trade from the very beginning (before he was re-signed and kept) so we could get some value out of him. The fact that we signed him to a $120 million contract being that he was basically 30 at the time, and were keeping him was always insane to me. The fact that he was able to get rid of that hot potato contract before Joe Johnson really, really started deteriorating (when nobody would want him) and managed to get a ton of expiring contracts and a first round pick from one of the only two teams who probably wanted him was nothing short of amazing. And look at what it essentially meant. By clearing Joe's max contract, we freed up room to sign at least one different max player (assuming one worth it is willing to come to Atlanta)...upgrading Joe's for a better and probably younger max player...PLUS got another first round pick. 2.) Do you think there is any chance we can get two top tier players to Atlanta? Especially Dwight Howard? I just can't understand why everything I've read said he isn't interested in playing in Atlanta, his hometown and where Josh Smith currently plays. Can't understand it. What about Chris Paul? Just thinking about a team with Horford, Howard, and Chris Paul is an amazing thing to think about. Then throw in two first round picks and it's a pretty amazing thought. Unlikely, but actually possible...instead of being saddled with Joe Johnson's contract for 4 years. 3.) Would you rather be the 5 seed or draft one or two spots higher? Frankly, with all of the injuries (especially Lou Williams), I think I'd just assume draft a spot higher. We're not going to win it this year. 4.) What should we do with the two picks? Keep them or try to trade up? I have no idea what kind of value is in the draft this year. 5.) How many of you guys on this board want to keep Josh Smith? If it's possible, I would really love to. Does he take bad shots? Obviously. His FG percentage is still really good and he just does such a variety of things that few other players can match. I'd love to have Paul (and maybe he's more willing to come to Atlanta than Howard), but could you imagine a front court of Howard, Horford, and Smith?
  5. Andre Iguodala confirms he plans to opt out after season ~lw3
  6. Since every evening brings forth a new "OMG he's available!" thread once somebody gets cut-waived-amnesthetized, I figured why not throw Derrick Brown up on the wall and see if he sticks for anybody. Not sure what being the most efficient offensive player on a 7-59 team brings you, but D-Brown was pretty much that guy by far for the Bobcats, especially once they started him consistently late in the year. He is Tweener Heaven (or Hell) defensively though, and lacks the outside jumper we're coming to expect for our wings. But he does bring the height and athleticism at the SF position we would covet offensively. I'm not sure he'd start ahead of, say, Kyle Korver right now, so I'd pass for now, until the free agent pickings get slimmer at the 3 spot. But is anyone else out there intrigued enough to want to make a nice CHEAP offer for him? ~lw3