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Found 25 results

  1. “STARRING: Julius Randle (left) and Tom Thibodeau, in THE ODD COUPLE. Wednesdays, 8 Eastern/7 Pacific, on ABC” We all understand, this isn’t supposed to actually be working, right? A former top-10 pick dumped by the Lakers after struggling to develop into a superstar, and a past-his-heyday head coach getting passed around the NBA, come together in a New city. Add in a top-fight Dookie, plus a gaggle of misfit veterans and youthful ne’er-do-wells, and just sit back and watch the sparks fly. Get your laugh track ready! That’s the story of the New Orleans Pelicans, with Bran
  2. “What’s that you want, Coach Thibs? ICE? ICE? ICE?” It’s not just our Atlanta Hawks under a cold spell! They’ll get to understand this from a front-and-center view all this week, as it seems the entire Eastern Seaboard, from the Georgia mountains north, has been walking through a winter plunder-land. By the time Our Fine Feathered Friends depart on Tuesday morning for Boston, after tonight’s game at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks (7:30 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, MSG Network) concludes, the near 40-degree temps will feel downright ba
  3. “SHAKE WEIGHT, ELFRID! SHAKE WEIGHT!” An interminable, arduous offseason was coming to an end. Now, at long last, it was time for Santa to show up and show out. I had been not-naughty for as long as anyone could reasonably ask of a seven-year-old. And I put in the work, too – folded my hands all day in class, raising them only when prompted before bodying questions about proper fractions and American Revolutionary history. Straight-As on the report card if you ignored Phys. Ed. completely. I even cleaned my room and helped put away groceries on weekends! I was as much of a sai
  4. Did Fisher flop when Barnes faked a punch at him? Inquiring minds want to know! **cue soap opera organ** ~lw3
  5. "If they can go from 7 straight playoff seasons to 60 wins and an ECF, then why can't weeeeeee..." ~lw3
  6. "In case of futility... break contract." ~lw3
  7. Attempting to dunk from the dotted? It won't cost you an arm and a leg. Just an arm. (The "Ball Don't Lie" moment at the end of the gif wasn't exactly abbondanza for the poor guy, either.) The Italian Scallion did earn a silhouette for his troubles, though. ~lw3
  8. Hurry back, Tyson! No worries, Woody. Chris Smith just got recalled from D-League! ~lw3
  9. THIS. ~lw3
  10. The implosion isn't real strong with this one, but I really like the way Metta handled it with the press. Via Frank Isola: Frankie Ice should know that had absolutely nothing to do with pasta. ~lw3
  11. Cue the Ohio Players! ~lw3
  12. Color me not shocked. I guess we'll see for what, and for how long, soon. ~lw3
  13. ...and Welcome Back, Marcus! ~lw3
  14. NSFW for explicit written content. I LOL'd anyway. Smoove and Woody are each featured in JR's "Inbox." Google if you don't get particular jokes. ~lw3