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Found 17 results

  1. “Join me in Boston, Al, and I guarantee you, within five years, we’ll be going places!” Big Birds! Bears and Bulls! Bugs, Brontosauruses and Bucks! Over the course of this home-friendly schedule over the next two weeks, continuing with the New Orleans Pelicans in town tonight (7:30 PM Eastern, Bally Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, BS New Orleans), we can hope the Atlanta Hawks will be the busiest “Bs”, building up their hive while still delivering the biggest stings. Two Sundays from now, the 20th-winningest coach in NBA history may be able to don his Kool Moe Dee getup,
  2. “Listen! Just form a (BLEEP!)ing levee around Skylar!” Mamas, please, don’t let your babies grow up to be podcasters. I kid. There are many fine podcast productions out there, featuring experts, humorists, special guests, and celebrities covering nearly every topic imaginable. It just feels like a good 28.7 percent of them are professional athletes just killing time. They’ve got ads now, too. According to sports radio during breaks every twenty minutes, Duncan Robinson of The University of Freakin’ Michigan has one called, “The Long Shot”, where he and a co-host get to ba
  3. Woj says, watch this space! ~lw3
  4. (after correcting Bogdanovic's name, Woj added that the lyrical Justin James in thrown into the mix for Milwaukee, too) ~lw3
  5. Probably a premature post. I'll delete it if it goes nowhere. ~lw3
  6. (BasketUSA article, Google translation of l'Equipe, via SB Nation's The Bird Writes) I always wonder why/how foreign players (Bogut in Australia being a recent example) get away with airing their frustrations with their teams via their home countries' media. ~lw3
  7. Lance won't make you dance for a little while. ~lw3
  8. Hope he's never heard of Bourbon Street. ~lw3
  9. It's the voo-doo, AG! The interest in improving Evans and making him the focal point of a faster-paced offense is what drew Gentry to The Big Easy in the first place. That, and Unibrow. And the beignets. ~lw3
  10. Now, they ARE saying she's a gold-digger... ~lw3
  11. The Pelican search was Brief. ~lw3
  12. "Make the playoffs, or you're fired!" Pellies absorb a crapton of injuries, make the playoffs, nearly stun the 1-seed a couple times, and... ~lw3
  13. ~lw3
  14. From one team to the next, this Josh just keeps going to and Fro... ~lw3