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Found 18 results

  1. “Mind if I hitch a ride to Magic City? Lou kicked me out the car.” A guy who recently played defense on the Atlanta Hawks was intimately involved in The Dunk of the Year. But I’m sorry you missed out, Miles Bridges. You kinda had to be there. DeAndre’ Bembry zigged, gambling to deflect a pass out to Atlanta’s own Anthony Edwards on the corner. The Timberwolf zagged, and as the rookie hesi’d and sprinted down the left baseline, Bembry was left trying to warn his two-way Japanese teammate that he might want to not get in the way, and certainly, for all that is holy, not jump.
  2. “Well, of course, his real name is Herb, Wanda! Why, what else would it be? Herbert?” Hail! Hail! The Gang’s all here! I care a heckuva lot now. It looks like we’ve all survived The All-Star Weekend of Our Discontent, and with nary a scratch! Bravo! Hawks Inc. and the NBA pulled off All-Star Sunday swimmingly well. HBCUs and the students were shining brightly. Further, The City was looking good from a bird’s-eye view, particularly if your particular avian species could fly high enough to avoid the occasional stray slugs. Luka ain’t win a dadgum thing on our court, even th
  3. “But, OG… what about Scarves?” I don’t have much to share ahead of today’s game, where the Toronto Raptors hope to leapfrog the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA East standings (8 PM Eastern, Fox Sports Southeast and 92.9 FM in ATL, TSN up in Maple Leaf Country) after playing the yo-yo’d Kevin Durant in Brooklyn last night. I do have one small rant. With everything going on ahead of the start to this whack-a-doodle NBA season, I really didn’t have major wishes, aside from hoping the Hawks would start out looking like a Play-in threat in the East, and by season’s end, a Playoffs threat
  4. At this point, Ujiri needs to go full Tajiri, and just spew green mist on people. ~lw3
  5. ~lw3
  6. Bebe's health status continues to go to and 'Fro. ~lw3
  7. "Started from the bottom, now we get fined." ~lw3
  8. (loose Google translation from Encestado) The Estudiantes club will use the buyout money to help pay its debts, if I'm reading the story right. ~lw3
  9. Royally Mounted! Who does it like THIS, though? They don't play around up there, do they? ~lw3
  10. The 4 position? That's a stretch. ~lw3
  11. Interesting tidbits from the W's 27-point comeback and 36-point swing in the second half against the Raps. Including NO defensive boards by Toronto in the final quarter (Valanciunas on the bench?), and no mid-range shots by G-State. ~lw3
  12. ...and Welcome Back, Marcus! ~lw3