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Found 6 results

  1. We're well into August, so I figured it's time to peek at the Cold Stove that is Josh Smith's free agency news. I turned to my trusted source... Google... and when I did a News search for "Josh Smith", 9 of the ten aggregated articles on the first page referred to either... * Josh Smith, the junior wide receiver (above) at Tennessee. He gets his corn from a jar. Or... * Josh Smith, a New Orleans-area high school defensive end who just committed to Missouri. S-E-C! Or... * Josh Smith, a former Baton Rouge-area high school infielder who is playing summer ball in advance of his freshman season at LSU. S-E-C! S-E-C! Even the grand content aggregator HoopsHype, last posted a "rumor" about a "Josh Smith" 3 months ago. Three. And even that "Josh Smith" was a guard from Wyoming (Moun-tain-West! Moun-tain-West!) who was granted a predraft workout with the Utah Jazz. That guard was actually "Josh Adams", who wound up playing Summer League with the Nuggets. So this latest Hoopshype "rumor" about a "Josh Smith", from back in early May, evolved from a typo produced and later corrected by fellow site HoopsRumors. Now, nobody here needs to type up an epitaph on Smoove's NBA career. Yes, he's (barely) on the wrong side of 30, hasn't evolved terribly much, and there's only a few bench seats left since the NBA Free Agency Musical Chairs game reached its zenith. And there's likely no NBA contract left that comes close to matching the stretched-out payments of $5.4 million he gets from the Pistons over the next FOUR years. But it's still a tad premature to send him off to Big Baby's Basketball Retirement Home. One would think, by now, some prominent sportswriter or insider could at least tweet something, anything, about him getting looks/calls/offers from even non-NBA teams. Why are we hearing about the likes of Shane Larkin heading to Spain and Andrew Goudelock heading to Israel, and butkus about Smoove? Somebody even bothered to check in on almost-34-year-old Emeka Okafor, and now his attempt at a comeback has spawned multiple articles: "Would Team X (Spurs/Warriors/Knicks) be Interested?" Can somebody who's paid to waste a few keystrokes take a brief moment to check in on Team Smoove? There was one news item highlighting (recent NBA Player) Josh Smith last month... playing cornhole with Rajon Rondo, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and NBA-employed friends at Lindsey Vonn's rooftop pool party. 'Sup, T.O. ... ~lw3
  2. Sekou Smith ‏@SekouSmithNBAJosh Smith; "I never asked for the max. Those words never came out of my mouth." Expand [*] Reply [*] Retweet [*] Favorite [*] More Sekou Smith ‏@SekouSmithNBAJosh Smith: "Atlanta will be on my list in free agency." Pretty obvious that all options remain on the table for Smith and the Hawks. Expand [*] Reply [*] Retweet [*] Favorite [*] More Discuss. Haters going to hate.
  3. Lang Greene Lang Whitaker writes for GQ and conducted a predictably softball Q&A with Employee #5. (snippet...) ~lw3
  4. Both are two very talented players. nbasuperstar40's profiles of both players. Please bare with me on Josh Smith. I wrote it first so it doesn’t have the best formatting but Al Horford is a great read. Properly section and what not. Josh Smith: Smith is one of the most talented players in the NBA. He is a supremely athletic, elite defensive player. He is our best defensive player since Mutombo. On top of that he has some solid offensive skills. He has a solid array of post moves. Decent footwork in the low post. An up-tempo player with great ability to run the floor. Smart defensive player. Can play PF and SF. Can defend the post at PF at a solid clip. Understanding of timing of blocks and steals is second to none for Smoove only comparable to Dwight. In fact, he is a lot like Dwight on defense. Dwight just has more athletic ability, great size, has elite defensive bbiq, and a better help side defense. Has elite recovery ability when beaten on defense. Processes excellent speed for his position and runs like deer. Rarely is in foul trouble. People do not realize how discipline Smith is on defense. Clutch defender. Smith plays with a strong fire and passion for the game. Smith has talent in bunches on offense too. He passes the ball as well as any low post player in the NBA. He has very good court vision from the post and the top of the key. Very good jumper within 15 feet. Understands where to be on offensive plays and where everyone else should be as well. He really excels in a full court offense. He is a talented rebounder by his timing and god given athletic ability. Very good playmaker. Very good hands. Strong finisher when on the move. Good second and third step. Smith definitely has an impact on the game. Smith really has room to grow in terms of being a better decision maker. He still has untapped potential. Smith has potential to really put up great numbers for teams that aren't so good. He has limitations that prevent him to getting to that next level as a player. He has low offensive bbiq. He lacks movement in the half court when it's not called in the play. He lacks innovation when he doesn't have the ball in his hands on offense. He lacks understanding of his limitations. He does not know his limitations. He has slew feet which hinders his perimeter man defense. This not a killer for his defense. Lebron James and Dwight Howard also have slew feet but Dwight doesn’t guard perimeter guys. He mainly anchors from the low post and Lebron has so many tools and he is so stronger and his ability to recover is great he make hide it. His lack of position and size really affects his overall ability even with great talents. Smith lacks the ability to create his own offense at a very good rate. He can create his offense at a solid rate. Rarely boxes out for rebounds. Poor all around ball handler. It prevents him from reaching his potential on so many levels. From creating his shot, beating people off the dribble, leading the fast break and playing SF full time. Has trouble getting position on the blocks due to his size. Most PF’s who are All Star level or higher have an explosive first step that rivals guards. For someone with his speed, you expect better. Smith has severe issues in terms of his impact. He has the ability to impact every game he plays in more ways than most players and more so anyone on the Hawks. He has the innate ability to keep the Hawks in games as well as lose them. He can go through mental withdrawal during games and never come out of them. He can have an attitude issue. When frustrated, he will lose composure. This is quite different from players like Dwight Howard who also have attitude issues. He can still positively impact the game with his; Smith actually cannot when he has issues. He also is inconsistent to an extreme level but I really feel that it has to do with his mental state than his ability. Just because of his flaws, he will always have consistency issues. But mental flaws are there with Smith. This may cause some teams to fear that he’s a guy you can have as a major part of a championship team. Some may view him as a 6th man and not a starter for a contender but I disagree. I feel he can be a major part of a title team and even a second option given a coach who willing to put up with Smith and a PG who can create his offense and run a full court offense full time. Steve Nash is prime example of that PG. Smith is a very good player. He can have elite impact as well as NBA bench player impact any given game. He is at best as the #1 option on a bad team or 6th man on a contender. He would be even better than is level if he was able to play with an uptempo playmaker at PG who plays fast like Steve Nash. Then he could actually have elite impact more so than not. Needs to play next to a true center who rebounds well and stays around the basket a lot as well. His defense is a good enough reason why he would start every game for almost all NBA teams. Josh Smith grades: Shooting: 6.2 Interior Scoring: 8.4 Attacking the basket/Slashing: 7.0 Athleticism: 9.8 Rebounding: 8.9 Defense: 9.9 Intelligence: 7.1 Scoring: 8.1 Playmaking: 8.0 Decision Making: 5.7 Intangibles: 5.1 Passing: 8.7 Ball Handling: 5.7 Offensive Movement: 5.9 Help Side Defense: 9.8 Blocking: 9.4 Stealing: 8.5 Man Defense: 7.0 Strength: 7.9 Speed: 8.9 Overall: 156/20= 7.80 Examples: 5-5.5- Fringe NBA player (Collins, Wilkins) 5.6-6.0- NBA bench player (Zaza, Jamal C.) 6.1-6.5- Role player (Marvin healthy, K. Martin, Felton) 6.6-7.0- Proven Starter (Bogut, Nene, Billups, E. Gordon) 7.1-7.5- Fringe All Star (Granger, Ellis, Curry, Z-Bo, Love) 7.6-8.0- All Star (Horford, Smith, Joe, LMA, Nash, KG, Rondo, Bosh, B. Griffin) 8.1-8.5- Superstar (Dirk, CP3, Deron) 8.6-9- GOAT status (Kobe, Dwight, Lebron) only them currently have that status. Al Horford After the first small write-up, I seemed extremely scatterbrained. I will section this one. Offense- Strengths: Very good mid range jumper. In fact, when he is open, he has an elite mid range jumper. Good ball handler. He can beat bigger or slower defenders on the dribble. Good speed for his position. Has excellent foot speed for his size. Very good athlete. It gives him a major advantage when bursting to the basket from the perimeter from a screen. Very high Offensive bbiq. Has very good passing ability out of the post. Decent court vision. Boxes out at a solid rate. Very good offensive rebounder. Has potential to be elite at it. Good instincts in terms of the offense and plays within himself. Sneaky quick for his position. Here is where he truly excels, movement. He has excellent innovative skills. He will break the offense if he sees something open that wasn’t there. Has elite movement moving around the court. Is a very tough matchup for any defender because he is always moving. He is extremely aggressive setting picks. Knows how to set clean picks and is quick enough to get open after the pick. Strong finisher. Excellent Hands. Elite motor. Can play several positions on offense and is versatile. He second and third step is good. Get position in the post at a good clip. Has a vocal presence. Processes very good intangibles and still has room to grow. Excellent in terms of attacking the basket after setting picks. Has a strong desire to win. Weaknesses: Al cannot create his own shot. He’s just not talented enough to do so. He doesn’t have great low post skills. Solid low post skills and can command a double team but can be stopped by a good defender on the blocks. Has trouble shooting when he isn’t open. This is not unusual for most NBA players but for an All Star talent it is. Decent first step for his position. This is something where he differs from most studs. Most PF’s who are All Star level or higher have an explosive first step that rivals guards. For someone with his footwork, you expect better. He second and third step is good. Not aggressive enough with his offense. He is willing to take a back seat and when he forces his offense, it looks even worst. Not much of a playmaker. Is strong as an ox. Could grow in terms of attacking the basket when he is not using PnR’s. Average to say the least as a NBA player. Was strong at it in college. Defense- Strengths: Elite defensive bbiq. This really makes him tough even when out of position. His excellent footwork makes him such a multi-purpose defender. He has at times defended all five positions. His quickness keeps him in position when the offensive player has a good skill set of moves. Very good post defender. Excellent rebounder and has move for improvement especially given his current situation in Atlanta. Is solid at shot blocking. Good recovery ability. Very good athlete and that helps him as well. Elite team defender. Rarely commits silly fouls. Clutch defender. Weaknesses: Not much of a help side defender, in fact he’s not that good at it. Can get into early foul trouble. He does struggle with bigger players who are very talented. He can be beaten by screens on occasion. While he is a great man defender, he can struggle to defend the PnR at times. This really didn’t happen much under Hinrich as much as Bibby. I wonder if this was just Bibby fault since he is a horrible defender. Al Horford grades: Shooting: 8.5 Interior Scoring: 7.6 Attacking the basket/Slashing: 7.0 Athleticism: 8.8 Rebounding: 9.1 Defense: 9.3 Intelligence: 9.3 Scoring: 7.9 Playmaking: 6.0 Decision Making: 9.1 Intangibles: 8.8 Passing: 8.0 Ball Handling: 7.0 Offensive Movement: 10 Help Side Defense: 5.9 Blocking: 7.4 Stealing: 7.2 Man Defense: 8.5 Strength: 8.8 Speed: 8.0 Overall: 162.2/20=8.11 Horford grades came out slightly higher but with his current personnel and lack of PG, he really doesn’t have a chance to reach is potential at the moment. Smith grades were very different. He had more strengths than Horford but had more weaknesses and several on them were severe weaknesses. Personally both are two of the best players in the NBA.
  5. Of coarse none of this bothers me so why not have some fun with it. this is all I can think up for now. will add more as they pop up.
  6. I was reevaluating the roster again. I liked some of what I saw. Josh Smith is still the same player talent and skill wise but he has greatly improved his attitude. I have never been a fan of Smith. His game is too inconsistent, he has low offensive BBIQ, and he’s not a championship player. I do love how talented he is and how versatile he is. I was on the do not resign Josh Smith bus when he was a FA till the final month as I changed my mind since it seemed like we weren’t going to get the player we really need in place of Smith. Al Horford- Incomplete. Hurt. Joe Johnson- He is no longer a Robin in my eyes. He is becoming a role player. This is scary to say the least. He should completely fall from grace in three seasons. Jeff Teague- He showed he has very good talent. Problems- He doesn’t fit. He’s not a true PG nor does he have passing ability, playmaking skills, or the ability to run an offense. He does more harm than good in each possession. His man defense is very good but his team defense is very bad. I am worried in this system and our personnel that he’s bound to peak at Devin Harris level. Teague mentality is what bothers me the most. He is mentally weak. His confidence swings like a hurricane. It’s hard seeing Jeff reach his potential. It’s really hard seeing Jeff reach his potential in this offense with our personnel. To me mentality is harder to overcome than Josh’s issues. Because, you just don’t wake up generally and mentally change. Marvin is not going to wake up tomorrow and say, I want to be a star all season long. Could it? yes. Will it? no. Kirk Hinrich- Kirk has been hurt. When he has played he showed great defensive abilities and not such a good offensive player. I still see more positive possessions from Hinrich than Teague by a large margin. At this point of his career, Hinrich is a role player. Best on a team like LAL where he can be a 5th option on offense. Atlanta offense is a highly PG dominate offense and you need a PG who can create for himself or others, pass, run the offense, and be able to control tempo. This is the same system, New Orleans, Cleveland, Dallas, Utah, and New York have. I keep hearing about D’Antoni offense needing a PG but the teams I listed ALL need PG's as well. They just don’t get attention nationally. Marvin- He has been good this season. He is very talented but his mentality, drive, and will is bad. He will likely never be more passionate about the game but he can play. He’s a good offensive talent and a very good defensive talent. Has a history with his back. Zaza- He has probably been the most improved player on the Hawks this year. He is now an average NBA center. He still isn’t a legit starter to me. Ivan- He is a keeper. He needs to play 10-15 min for now. The bench mob- T-Mac is finished as a starter but as a 12-18 min guy, he is still good for. Pargo is an below average PG. Green is a below average SG. Stack sucks. Rad is a below average PF. Damp sucks. ASG and Sund- They suck. They really do. They really don't understand how bad this is to watch. We greatly need to make a move that doesn't effect the core and not a stupid one either. As for Sund. I like the Hinrich move. It made sense and still does. We needed someone who can play PG. The problem is our offense is one where the PG is ball dominate and Hinrich isn't that type of player on offense. Hinrich on defense was a major upgrade and a big reason why we beat Orlando. I like him passing on Jamal as well. I like all of Sund's move so far but his worst move is no move if he doesn't make a trade at the deadline. I created a trade thread on moves we should make: Needs Point Guard. We need someone who’s a starter. I don’t care if it’s Nash, Lin, Mayo(serious gem used wrong in system. ex. Billups, Z-Bo, etc), Lowry, Rubio, Wall, or Deron. Center. We need a starting quality center. He needs size. We can’t get Dwight so we aren’t getting anyone dominate and demanding but I hope we get someone decent. More depth at SG and SF. I feel we can get younger at these positions. We need to move from Joe as the #1 option but we don’t have any choices. Teague, no. Smith, too inconsistent. Hinrich, no. Horford, hurt and no. Ugh…