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Found 18 results

  1. All New Everything! All New Everything! All New Everything! I’m not so sure they’re about to kill ‘em this summer, but the Atlanta Dream are doin’ All New Everything! When the curtain closed on the Dream in 2020’s hermetically sealed Wubble, the greatest question of uncertainty was whether the rebuilding roster would finally get to open up the 25th WNBA season in their promised, still minty-fresh venue by the Airport in College Park. The next biggest questions involved who is going to be around to make sure the arena doors get unlocked, and who will be paying the bills and signing th
  2. "We've decided to move in a different direction... AFTER the draft." ~dr3am
  3. ...but not for long, in Texas! Sucks every time a franchise moves, but the league has been avoiding outright folding teams for some time now, which is good. So... Frisco? Vegas? HOUSTON? #BringBackTheComets ~lw3
  4. With their WNBA season tipping off this Saturday, the Atlanta Dream hope to spread their wings in 2017. But how far can they truly fly without Angel McCoughtry around? Entering its tenth season, the WNBA franchise was dealt two blows affecting their appeal to sports fans this year. One was inevitable, as forthcoming summertime renovations to Philips Arena meant the Dream needed a new home for the next two WNBA seasons. Fortunately, Georgia Tech has long been accommodating to the Dream (and the Hawks, back in the day). Last year’s playoff home of McCamish Pavilion, the since-renovated
  5. Say, does somebody feel a Draft? The WNBA Draft is right around the corner (April 13 at 7:00 PM Eastern, first-round on ESPN2, latter rounds on ESPN U). With a few early-entry candidates exploring the lay of the land and electing to stick around for their senior seasons, 2017 is not going to be a terribly deep draft, talent-wise (set your calendar, though, because 2018 will be bonkers). But there are plenty of players that can contribute off the bench in the near-term, and the Atlanta Dream have an opportunity to strategically improve their depth in at least one position on the floor, if
  6. Go on and give us the bad news, LaChina! I'm not miffed by this at all, certainly not after her peer, the Mercury's Diana Taurasi took a season off. I would've rather she sat out her foreign duties, but as we all know, that's where the real $$$$ is. I also wish Michael Cooper had found a means to shave down Angel's minutes in the past couple seasons (30.0 MPG last season, same as 2015, down from 31.0 in 2014). He really would have been able to in 2017 given the emergence of Bria Holmes. Damiris Dantas also rested all of this season and ought to be ready to make big steps up alon
  7. JUST when it looked like Candace was finally catching a break. ~lw3
  8. ATLANTA DREAM PREVIEW The Atlanta Dream season is right around the corner, finally! When July rolls around, if you find yourself missing your favorite WNBA players, you can Blame It On Rio! The WNBA is used to the drill by now, that when the Summer Olympics come around, teams will lose a bunch of key roster players to international obligations. The regular season itself will bifurcate around the Games in Brazil (about 20 or so before, 10 or so after). Fortunately for the Dream, they won’t be as hard hit as some teams will be by in-season evacuations.
  9. I'm dropping the Schimmel references for now, and just going with "Shoni Basketball" until further reference. Replace weed with fattening food, and assaulting girlfriends (allegedly) with accosting officials at high school games, keep a coddling parent in the mix, and you've got Johnny Football's level of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ going on in the WNBA. If she's gonna suit up for us, can we at least make some money selling ads off of her? How 'bout Goodyear? MetLife? Okay, Shoni B
  10. ‘Tis just about time for another WNBA season to get started – the 20th, already? I’m getting old – and the Draft is scheduled for Wednesday evening (April 14, 7 PM, ESPN2). There haven’t been many earth-shaking moves since last we left the Atlanta Dream, out of the playoffs last fall for the first time since 2008 after tying with Connecticut at 15-19 at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. But that doesn’t mean a lot of other things haven’t been happening around the league! Where to start… How about, right at the top? Lisa Borders was the primary figure re
  11. (Before the theses that follow, a "tl;dr" version... WNBA season's around the corner... The Dream are contenders to win the East once again, but may shake things up next year if they regress in the playoffs... Chicago's the favorite, but what happens with Sky center Sylvia Fowles could shift the balance of power back to Atlanta... WNBA veterans resting from, or due, to other obligations have implications on the race out West.) ~lw3
  12. After a little Texas Two-Stepping, the Tulsa ownership shows their hand. Given the underwhelming attendance and low TV market numbers coming from Tulsa, I suspect there'll be little problem putting this relocation to the Metroplex into effect. Former Dream coach Freddy Williams will be on the move once again, but will do all he can to ensure a postseason game in what would eventually be the final WNBA game in Oklahoma anyt
  13. Another Atlanta pro team’s season is right around the corner! The WNBA Draft is on Thursday night (7 PM Eastern, first-round coverage on ESPN2, later rounds online via ESPN3), and the Atlanta Dream will likely have two more quality players to choose from when they pick at #10 in the first round. If you haven’t heard much Dream news, that’s because, well, there hasn’t been much to write home about. Former Tulsa wing Roneeka Hodges started every game for the Shock last season. Signed as a free agent, the veteran in her 11th season will ably fill in behind Dream star Angel McCoughtry.
  14. Dream Preview Rise and shine! Summertime, and the WNBA season, are right around the corner! The defending Eastern Conference champion Atlanta Dream spent the offseason doing some major re-tooling. But in a weaker Eastern Conference, the forecasts for an impressive regular season record (20-plus wins, anyone?), a division title, a return to the WNBA Finals, and a competitive effort if they get there, are all looking pretty darn good on paper. After losing forward Sancho Lyttle just as she was coming into her own as an All-Star caliber player, the Dream collapsed in the second-half to th
  15. See now, I take my eye off the Dream for just one week, and look what happens! Bentley Gone-sworth! Alex's WNBA-record three-pointer streak was real nice in the early part of the year, but the funk that followed it was other-worldly bad, even moreso once the playoffs arrived. I think she'll do a great job in the next couple years, though, especially if her conditioning improves. I was looking forward to seeing her development this year, but I'm just fine with a veteran gaurd plus an extra pick instead. Fred and Marynell hit it
  16. The Bad News? Up in the air is what would happen to players like Candace Parker and former Dream point guard Lindsey Harding if the league can't secure a minority owner in time for the start of the season. With the expired CBA and now this, Richie sure seems to have her hands full. ~lw3
  17. Nice hire. No relation to Angelo Taylor, as far as I know. She's a Stanford alum, so she probably talks a lot of smack. (that's a Seahawks joke) Worked for a long time in the WNBA office (player personnel/scouting) before stints with the Lynx (VP of Biz Ops) Mystics (VP and GM back in 2009 and 2010, before the bottom dropped out). My guess is it means Julie Plank will be back as an assistant. Drafting history in Washington looks like a mix
  18. Dream Preview It’s that time of year again. As the Hawks hibernate, the Dream rises! The Atlanta Dream will be kicking off their 34-game WNBA season Saturday night at the Highlight Factory, against Skylar Diggins and the Tulsa Shock. I would suggest not getting your hopes up too high about the title aspirations of this year’s edition. Team depth is not what it once was, and there’s instability at one critical position, while perennial doormat teams below them are actively retooling. On the good side, head coach Fred “Freddy Bass” Williams will start the season at the helm, so the tumult