Celebrities on Steroids...


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Just a few guesses here...

1. LL Cool J

2. Busta Rhymes

3. 50 Cents

4. T.O.

5. Sylvester Stallone

6. Mickey Rourke

7. Nelly

8. Most Wrestlers

9. Governor Schwartzneggar

10. Carrot top

11. All the Russian Boxers

12. Royce Gracie

13. Ben Affleck

14. Ben Stiller

15. Luke and Owen Wilson

16. Jack Hughman

17. Christian Bale

18. Taye Diggs

19. Mark Wahlberg

20. Ice Cube (for XXX)

21. Vin Diesel

22. Ving Rhimes

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I don't think Ving Rhames takes steroids, I just think he has is naturally big and also puts or has put his time in the gym. I also would take LL off that list because he has been pretty buff for a while now before taking steroids became popular.

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It just some guessing. Nothing even remotely factual. However, with LL... I don't know. Something about the way he is now versus how he used to look. It's hard to get definition (without help) as you get older. I know he's not 40 yet (I think) but it looks like he's done what Janet Jackson did when she buffed up. Sure he ate right, worked out.. but something? Amphetimines.. Surgery.. Something... It's hard to hold that kind of physique. Even Jack Lilane was not cut like that.

One other person I didn't mention was Grand Master Melly Mel or one of those older dudes...


That's about a 60 year old man...

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I hear HGH is the one that makes you really ripped, steroids is more for bulking up. So I have heard. Seems like LL started to put on some muscle when he made the video for "Mama said Knock you out" he looked thicker in that video than he had previously been. Who knows he probably has taken some sort of Performance enhancer to get the 6pick abs.

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