Ugly Nba Players


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Feel free to add more pics. I know there is a lot of players I left off.


You already know Sam I Am would be on the list



Greg was blessed with Height, and amazing talent on the court, but as far as his looks....

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Yea I know its kinda gay but this is just a humor type thing.

This is classic- let me find a few here...


Not too good...


Not a big fan of that one...

1210_13.jpg me what you will, but I had to do it.

Or, try this on for size. Ooops, bad pun...


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Pau looks like a Spartan warrior in that one. Reminds me of a skinnier extra from the movie '300'

The Original King of Ugly:



OMG somebody kill it.

Another classic, Neanderthal Man-


Some locals:


No words.

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I dont know why he's there, but here's Tyronne again with Pat Riley and D Wade:


Sorry, you're my man and all (no homo), but you definitely qualify:


This is the ugliest of them all, and has little to do with looks; The Three Stooges:


Well s*** I guess those are some pretty ugly mofoes anyway, esp. Bernie. Has dude ever been outside? He looks like a tube of Elmers - Pasty white with an orange top.

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