Jostens is a terrible ring company...


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Has anyone had any troubles with this class ring-making company other than me?

The receipt on my order obviously said to have 'LIBID' on one of the ring sides, and when I first got it, it said 'CRUSADERS' instead of 'LIBID'. WTF?

So when the representative went to my school, I showed him the receipt, which confirmed the mistake of their company by not putting my last name on one of the sides. Also, I wanted my full name engraved inside the ring...because it clearly said this on my receipt, I asked them to make it right when I sent it back also. And finally, the ring was far too big so I asked them to change it to about 1 size smaller than what I had originally ordered.

So after a couple months... I got my ring back again today, and the only thing they changed was one of the sides and they replaced the word 'CRUSADERS' with 'LIBID'. However, the quality of their replacement was bad. There's black marks around the 'LIBID' and the ring looks kind of tarnished on that side if you look closely because of this. I also noticed that they didn't change one thing on the inside engraving like I had asked them to for the second time. Wow. And the ring size is still way too big, and I am positive that they didn't even bother to change the ring size.

So yeah... had to randomly rant somewhere.

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That sucks. The problem with it is that they are basically a monopoly. For class rings they are really the only company to get them from so they don't have much competition to keep them in order. I'd still keep contacting them and try to get it fixed the right way.

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