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The brits are taking over my TV shows. Most of my favorite characters are brits playing Americans. Even the minority characters are brits now. I don't know how to feel about that lol. Is anything American made anymore lol.

Oh come on now you're being a little bit unfair here. There are easily just as many Australian actors and actresses playing Americans as there are Brits! And nope I'm pretty sure we don't actually make anything anymore.

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This didn't end the way I thought it would. Good season though. On to GOT.


I was shocked that the governor lived! Now I wonder if he's going to be coming back in the next season or if he's gone for good. The Andrea thing was stupid as she could have easily stabbed Milton in the head with those pliers just as she always did with her knife. I mean heck apparently zombies don't have bones in their head anyway as those knives have always gone straight through. The whole thing with Carl becoming a sociopath is pretty interesting and I'm wondering if he's not becoming a governor in training. On The Talking Dead they mentioned that Rich brought back all of those old people to try and bring some humanity and regular life back to the group so Carl won't end up like Dexter. But now they gotta worry about all those old people dying in their sleep! I think that Michonne and Rick are going to end up having a thing. I love that what's his name from The Wire is going to become a regular character on the show!


Man I'm having the hardest time keeping up with who is who and all of the different families and who wants what or owns what and all of that. I need some sort of cheat sheet or something. The seasons need to be a lot closer together too.

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