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Just added a new application that uses Google Maps to show where all of our members are located. This is strictly opt-in so you'll have to add yourself to the map but I would strongly encourage you to NOT put your full address and if possible just put your zip code or you could probably just put your city.So to add yourself, click on "Member Map" in the navigation or click on the following link:http://hawksquawk.net/community/membermap/

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Any way we could just get a nice view of where all the visits to the Squawk come from in a normal day/week/month? Keep it anonymous, I just don't see how anyone has the incentive to tell people where they currently live although I would like to know how disperse our community is.

That's something I can get through Google analytics but it requires me manually going in and copying the map and all that. To do what you're wanting on here I'd have to go through and get the IP addresses stored in the database and convert them to zip codes and that's just too much of a hassle to do, plus would have to be done manually each time I updated it. To me I don't see putting in a zip code as being that big of a deal but if people don't want to do that then they don't have to be a part of the map.
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Love this, great job.

Thanks ATLJA! We're starting to see the map grow and hopefully everyone adds themselves to it. If you're worried about privacy you could always just out Atlanta or whatever your city is or even just the state I believe to keep it more generalized.
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