Hawksquawk now has an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and more...


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Disclaimer: This app costs $2.99 for Android and I believe $1.99 from Apple but I've purchased it myself and really like it and no the money does NOT go back to Hawksquawk. It isn't branded with a Hawksquawk theme since that costs $800 or more but I don't think it will bother you too much. This app basically gives you most of the controls that you get on the full version of the site whereas the standard mobile version is much more stripped down. At some point I'm hoping that the makers of this forum software get the iPhone/iPad app working again and introduce an Android and Blackberry app but I've been waiting for that for a long time so I decided to go ahead and get this installed for us.

Let me know what you think if you decide to try it out.

Oh and it appears that the first time you log in on a mobile device you'll get a quick notification about the app but you can dismiss it if you want and it shouldn't show up again unless you clear your browser cache on your mobile.


Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. Tapatalk Forum App provides super fast on-the-go forum access to majority of the discussion forums that has activated the Tapatalk plugin.

Showing New and Unread Thread with Avatar and Number of reply:

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Images in the thread are converted to thumbnail and allow full-screen viewing

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Ability to see Who's Online and what they are doing:

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Ability to search by topics and posts:

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Ability to upload images directly from Android and iPhone!:

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Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!

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So, is it worth it to use this app? The mobile version of the site is good for me, but for all I know tapatalk could be the better option.

If you're not uploading photos and stuff its probably not worth paying for. I mostly use the mobile version if that tells you anything.
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