Important: Hawksquawk had to be restored to last night's new install


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Just to let you all know we're making a big leap forward here as we've just gotten too big for our current servers and will be moving to the new dedicated server with dedicated database! I've got a file system backup in place now and tomorrow I will get a database backup to make sure that all of our posts are current but in order to do that I will have to shut Hawksquawk down to make the database backup. Then all of the file system and database will be copied to the new server and tested and then pushed live. At that point you'll know Hawksquawk is live and on the new server when you see it up. Depending on the backup / upload / DNS propagation time that could take up to 12 hours or so but we'll definitely be back up for Friday although I do expect us back up Thursday night sometime. 


A HUGE thank you to those who've donated and to all of you for your support and patience in this process. 


IF you cannot get back on by Friday morning, please send me a message on Twitter  or on our Facebook page and I'll try and help you out. 

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No Squawk tomorrow - what am I gonna do all day at work.scratch_one-s_head.gif

I'm going to try and pay attention to how much work I finish tomorrow. Then once I can calculate that amount, I'm billing hawksquawk the difference. This could easily be in the billions.

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As you have noticed now all of the discussion from last night and today up until now 11pm EST have been lost. The new server was having the mail app / server installed on it and it caused the server to fail so they had to re-provision it back to scratch and unfortunately yesterday morning was the most current database that I had. 


I apologize to you all for the inconvenience that this caused and it shouldn't happen again. 


On the bright side the Hawks stomped the Raptors... :kickcan:

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