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I've only heard this track and Speed of Light.  I'm hearing overall great things though.  Bruce just went through a bout of throat cancer so I'm just glad they are still able to perform.  Saw them last time through at Lakewood here in Atlanta and I hear they might come again.


The whole album is free on Spotify if you want to stream it.  Speed of Light is not representative of the album, IMO.

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I tried Spotify for awhile, but I like loading up the iPhone with music and listening in the car. I know a lot of peeps that swear by it tho.   And Ed Sheeran is one of those artists that sounds goo

Here are my favorite songs from this year (i.e., new to me this year not necessarily released this year) so far:                    

I love RJD2 & Kasabian.   Great listen.

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