Official Game Thread: Hawks - Cavaliers GAME 4 (8:30 PM Tip!)

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How much money have Millsap and Scott made for Thompson?

Possibly the last game thread of the season... :cry: Come on Hawks, win one for lethal!

Wanted the team to go out fighting .... Not with a whimper .... Very dissappointing way for this season to end. Well at least John Jenkins got his last burn as a Hawks player

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Surely this Hawks team deserves one. After all, we won the Atlantic division, beat a team with a losing record in round 1, and then a team without their best player in round 2. Now this brilliant performance tonight...SURELY there will be a parade!


Stop starting a new thread for every time you have a thought. There is a game thread for your opinions while a game is going on. You have 23 posts and literally half of them are from starting threads. Knock it off.

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With all his other wonderful, marvelous talents, we now, in this game, get to

watch as The King assists the officials in calling the game, correcting them

when things don't go to suit him.


We already knew his talent as coach and GM in the NBA, as well as being the

most marvelous, talented player to ever breathe air.


Finally, we find out what a super hero Cleveland fans have in their poor guy

who was so viciously attacked by Horford.


If you can't love these Cavs, then maybe you're not from Cleveland.  As they

completely dominate our beloved Hawks, the question arises:


If Atlanta doesn't go to the finals, who will you be rooting for??



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They have given us chances to get back in this but we are clanking threes and shooting airballs.

Yeah I agree, we get a few good shots with ball movement to get it closer and follow it with one pass and a three.

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Disappointed in Horford tonight. No way can you put up those types of numbers in an elimination game.

All in all, a great and memorable season. But if we truly want to win a championship, we need an offensive "alpha dog" on this team that can carry us when the going gets tough.

And I may as well beat this drum again. If Al Jefferson opts out of his final year, go bring that guy in so that we can have a legit center on the roster that can score in the low post, and grab defensive rebounds. Then slide Horford to PF, so he won't have to worry about being the undersized center anymore.

Free Agent wish list ( in order ) ... just get 1 of these guys to add to the roster.

Mark Gasol

Jimmy Butler

Al Jefferson

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I actually felt sorry for Milsap and Horford today. Really, the whole team. Management lost this series and this championship when they got rid of Payne and stayed pat at the trade deadline. They felt this munchkin lineup in the front court could get it done, along with Pero Antić.


More than ANYTHING, it was the lack of size and rebounding in the post that destroyed the Hawks. Teams figured out that all you have to do is control the paint against the Hawks and dont worry about their jump shooting.


If they stay the status quo and resign the same players going into next year, it will be worse because the East is gonna be better. They better get SOME BIGS thru the draft, and or, free agency and move Horford over to power forward.  Im not sold on Tavares. From the limited stuff ive seen of him, looks too stiff and unathletic to hold the paint down.

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