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The Hawks and the Changing Landscape of the East.

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Welp, We let Bud Go and now we have Pierce. 

As far as coaching talent and Vet Talent....   How do we look today  vs. 


Pistons = With Casey

Celtics = With Brad

Bucks = With Bud

Pacers = With Nate. 

Knicks = With Fizdale

Heat = With Spoelstra

I think when you consider coaching.. these are the best of the East.  Also, I think the Pistons will shoot up to the top because they have Casey, Drummond, and Blake... IF He could get a SG who can shoot to come to Detroit and maybe trade off Jackson... watch out.   A guy like Bellinelli... or Riddick.. and viola. 

The Pacers overacheived and Looked Good.   

How does Lloyd Pierce matchup with these guys.  Will he be a coach that gets his team to overacheive or is he Woodylike.

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Landscape changed just a tad bit more now with LeBron going to the Lakers. Could say I'm railroading a coaching thread but think about the ring LBJ got in Cleveland. Pretty sure LeBron was calling the shots even though Lue got a ring as the coach on paper.

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