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NFL Hall of Fame = Unworthy.

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After careful consideration of the things that have gone on,  I conclude that the Hall of fame in Football is trash.    I'm talking specifically about T.O.

He's arguably the 2nd best receiver in NFL History and he's a third Ballot Hall of Famer??  Why?  Character?? 

But Randy Moss and Ray Lewis are 1st ballot Hall of Famers right?

Randy Moss had a Bevy of off the field incidents and then he compounded things on the field by describing his lack of passion during a game by saying " I play when I want to". 

T.O. For all of the faults that you have with him, he always gave you 110%.  I recall a superbowl with Screws in his leg and he's being one of the most Physical receivers ever and was the only bright note on that whole Eagle team. 

Ray Lewis. ..  Faced Murder Charges.

However, now these guys have been accepted by the Sports Journalist.   Moss works for the NFL Network.  So these guys have their character overlooked.  

For the future.  The Hall needs not ask Sports Journalist for their opinions of who should be in the Hall... they are the most biased of all.  But instead, picked a 7 man team made up of Hall of Famers and let them vote after the candidates have been narrowed down to 20 or so.  


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