Interview with Ressler

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Not Ressler but his wife Jami Gertz:



While Ressler focuses more on the personnel side of things, Gertz has her hands on the game day experience. In addition to her in-arena spots that let fans know all of the entertainment and food options available at State Farm, she does the groundwork of keeping the staff constantly aware of maintaining top-notch hospitality. She believes the key to an excellent product is attention to detail on all levels.

“It’s a party when you come to State Farm Arena,” Gertz said. “We have won the No. 1 fan experience for a reason. We really worked hard to get that. So I’m feeling like that is copacetic. I used to go in, you should ask Steve Koonin, I used to be like ‘there’s no toilet paper in stall four in the bathroom on the third level. There was a spill on aisle eight, it took people a good 25 minutes to come clean it up. He came without a mop.’

“I am that kind of crazy because I know what it’s like for people to buy a ticket. I bought tickets when I couldn’t afford them. I worked hard enough where I could eventually become a season ticket holder. So, I’m coming from that fan experience being in L.A. and seeing where there was great food and then the food wasn’t so good. All of those things. I care a ton about fan experience.“

So now, our court play has to match, I believe, what our arena is and what our practice facility is. All those pieces are in place. Now, we have to come with the goods on the court. It’s time. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past three years.”


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