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2020 Nba Draft

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I haven't seen a draft thread for 2020 prospects.   From a Hawks perspective, my favorite players (top 4 players) are below.

1. James Wiseman - C - 7'1" with 7'6" Wingspan

Why number 1 for the Hawks? His defensive potential is top notch in my opinion.  He'd fit perfectly with Collins, Young, Heurter, Hunter, and Reddish.   The Hawks will need to be in the lottery to select him and hope for some top 4 luck. I feel like his range is anywhere from 3 - 8 in this upcoming draft. The guards and wings will probably go before him.

 2. Tre Mann - PG/SG - 6'4" - Wingspan unknown put it appears to be above average. - 

If the Hawks can somehow luck out and get Wiseman in the top of lottery, this kid here would be my target with the Nets Pick.  For some reason he's not ranked very highly.  He's committed to Florida and will most likely be a back up due to the depth a Florida. I believe he'll be available for the Nets pick.  I believe he has all the tools to be a very good NBA player.  To me, he's probably the best shooter in this class when considering the variety of shots he takes. His off the dribble game is on point!  He has Trae range, good vision, and good athleticism. I just love everything about this kid.  He'd be the perfect back up to Trae and can play on the court with Trae due to his size. 

3.  Anthony Edwards - 6'4" with 6'9" reported wingspan

This kid has everything.  He's not number two on my list because I feel he'll probably go anywhere from 1 -3.  He's a Georgia kid so I would love for the home town team to draft him. He'd rep ATL so hard.  

4.  Lamelo Ball - 6'6" - 6'8" no reported wing span. 

If Lamelo performs well in the NBL, he'll go top 5 for sure.  There's no way that someone with his size, handle, and passing ability goes late in the lottery.  I believe LaMelo has tons of potential. He's matured a lot over the past year and seems to recognize the best part of his game is his passing. He'd make an excellent back up to Trae or Huerter in my opinion.  The kid has a wonky shot. He needs to be more consistent with it, but he def has range.  He def needs work on the defensive end, but Lonzo wasn't known as a good defender coming into the league and now he's pretty good.

 @NBASupes have you started looking at this class?  Any thoughts on the four above?

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For me: It's tough to really put a list together at this stage but my top guys are: 

1. Anthony Edwards

2. Cole Anthony

3. James Wiseman

Other than that, I need to their 2019-2020 improvement from the others. I just think these three are a tier above others and all have tier 1 to 2 potential. 

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