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REALGM Trade Idea - Suns/Hawks

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Suns send: Baynes, Johnson
Hawks send: Turner, Bembry

Why for Atlanta? They get more of a traditional backup PG and a center that makes losing Dedmon easier to stomach as well as makes them avoid rushing a rookie.

Why for Phoenix? They get a dynamic backup wing in Bembry for two guys that likely won't be on the team next year. Getting Turner also helps in a secondary playmaking role behind Rubio and potentially Booker.



Supes Take: Bembry and Baynes are pretty much the value of this deal and both Turner and Johnson are just jags. The difference is Baynes is a decent center and while I think Bembry is better, we need a center. 

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After Bembry's performance last night (yes I know, its only preseason) and his ability to play 1, 2 and 3, I'd prefer to keep him. 

And from Suns fans comments, they don't need wing players anyway.

What else we got to offer for Baynes? Not much except a 2nd.


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