Trae Young - The Man, The Viper, and The Prosecution aka The MVP aka Ice Trae

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I experienced it LIVE, I almost shed a tear when he hit that 3, seriously!

After all these years. We finally have a superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This probably got posted here already but i can't remember.  Saw it again and cracked up.         

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On 9/10/2020 at 1:50 PM, aali34 said:

Trae is built for playoff basketball. 

Not so sure about this...Playoff basketball is rough and tumble.  Kawhi is built for playoff basketball!  Trae is more show at this point in his career.

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10 hours ago, Peoriabird said:

Not so sure about this...Playoff basketball is rough and tumble.  Kawhi is built for playoff basketball!  Trae is more show at this point in his career.

His passing should def translate though.  If he's shooting and drawing fouls in the playoffs too, he'll be a hell of a problem.  They'll fear his passing more than his shooting.  

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12 hours ago, High5 said:

Trae’s offense shouldn’t have any trouble translating to the playoffs. He has already had all of the defenses thrown at him. I’m not worried about that.

The problem will be how he handles being the focal point of the other team’s offense. They’re going to hunt him down as much as possible.

Yeah that’s my biggest worry.

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We all know Trae will get the next level of accolades when his team wins more.  He is doing everything he can and is worthy of it.  But it is too easy for voters to dismiss a second year player whose team has been among the worst in the league in both his seasons.

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Starved for content. I miss Hawks basketball!


This game perfectly captured what the Trae Young experience has been like thus far in Atlanta. Young’s logo-range 3-point shooting, the ambidextrous passing, the psychic-like ability to see plays before they happen, the penchant to turn the ball over and the poor defense were all there in a maddening and thrilling four-overtime game against the Bulls, and it ended in a loss.

Young already had started to quiet some doubters by that point in the season. After a slow start to his rookie campaign, some people were calling him a bust after his first shot in Summer League, which was an airball. That game against the Bulls should have quieted even the most stringent doubters then, but we’re still having people rank Ja Morant and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander over him in NBA point guard rankings, even after an All-Star season in which he averaged 29 points and nine assists per game.

The only reason I think that is still happening is because Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies and Gilgeous-Alexander’s Oklahoma City Thunder have had more team success than Young’s Hawks. What casual NBA viewers might not know is the talent Young has had to work with in his two seasons has been toward the bottom of the league, according to lineup data from The BBall-Index.

While Vince Carter is one of the greats and a future Hall of Famer, do you remember that he played 45 minutes that night against the Bulls at the age of 42? How can a team win many games when it has to rely on the oldest player in the league to play 45 minutes in any game?

The Hawks have to start building an adequate roster or risk wasting the talent of their first legitimate star since Dominique Wilkins.

“Nothing that I did means a lot because we didn’t get the win,” Young said that night. “Winning comes first.”


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