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2020 Prospects Supes Likes

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I am not going to name the obvious guys, you can go to Marco's thread for that. I am just going to name some guys i like for the Hawks: These are all seniors. 

1. Cassius Winston - Floor: 7 Ceiling: 7.5  - Elite BBIQ, Plays with pace, and would be a great backup to Trae. Likely late 1st rounder. To me, the best player in the nation. 

2. Killian Tillie - We worked him out last year. His wingspan and positional versatility is weak but he can really really shoot it with high BBIQ. Gonzaga guys have translated if they have NBA potential and I would like to add another shooter since Parsons will be gone. 

3. Steven Enoch - Size, defensive versatility, great screen setter, can shoot. I liken him to an Arron Baynes type which I feel we could use at the 3rd string center spot. 

4. Mamadi Diakite - Can stretch the floor, can switch 2-5, protects the rim at an exceptional clip, with good athletic ability and solid BBIQ, I think he has potential to be an impact off the bench. 

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If you are looking for the next Kendrick Nunn, look at Butler's Kamar Baldwin

High variance shooter

Great athlete and plays strong

Extremely skilled

Can defend 1/2

Fred VanFleet like potential. 

People will knock his ability to play PG but do you really need to in today's NBA when you can score and defend as a PG?

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I like Steven Enoch, guy has a nice stroke for a Big guy.  If our pick falls outside the top 5 or 6 I would give him a look.

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