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I am back from my PP/PCP, my stress levels were too high and causing some issues but I am back. Just gotta relax. My professional job is stressful as well as family and my personal life but I am good

Tonight: Hawks draft Okungwu March/April: "we are still waiting on that toe to get all the way healed, we really can't put a timetable on it."

Actual footage of Edward's agent seeing the interview:

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1 minute ago, txsting said:

I didn't think Jones would fit, but according to trade machine it would.  I can't image WAS wanting Jones +OKC 1st.

I guessed that but I’d do it if we could land bertans 

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3 minutes ago, txsting said:

I don't know how you can get Bertans, and still have enough minutes to properly develop Cam and Hunter.  I would think Bembry would have to go out as well.

He's a PF.

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12 minutes ago, Watchman said:

Does anyone know what we gave up to get him?  The way Woj's tweet is worded, it sounds like they paid us to take him???

My bad. Its a top 55 protected 2nd we sent to them and they sent us cash as well. 2nd will probably not convey

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