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I am back from my PP/PCP, my stress levels were too high and causing some issues but I am back. Just gotta relax. My professional job is stressful as well as family and my personal life but I am good

Tonight: Hawks draft Okungwu March/April: "we are still waiting on that toe to get all the way healed, we really can't put a timetable on it."

Actual footage of Edward's agent seeing the interview:

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2 minutes ago, NBASupes said:

Masterful job by TS. The only trade that didn't work out was the Derrick Walton Jr trade 

Who? THats a name Ive never heard of..I though you meant Derrick Jones Jr. lol

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1 minute ago, Plainview1981 said:

The CC deal was good. Nothing else moves the needle much.

I’d say a B overall.

Addition buy subtraction. Parker and Len were dead weight, we got 2 picks for them. The Labissiere move I think is pretty underrated. The kid has some game and is very young. Dedmon is a bonus. If he regains the form he had last year by next season that will be huge for us... if he doesn't we have Capella, Bruno, Labissiere and should be set at Center regardless. Non of the moves compromise our cap-space next year. We could start 2021 with a frontcourt of Collins, Capella, with Harrell, Labassiere, Dedmon, and Bruno as backups. That's an enormous jump from the Parker / Len / Jones / VC frontcourt we trotted out for the majority of this year. 


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4 minutes ago, JTB said:

We are going to get bertans over the off season . I just can’t help but to believe that 

Agreed. After addressing Center with Capela and dealing Len and Parker to get Dedmon they need a stretch 4 to replace Parker's role better than he performed it

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