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7 minutes ago, GameTime said:

Rondo has to prove me wrong if true. Solid player off the bench at his age but he can be a cancer is he doesn't respect his teammates/coach. I hope he isn't simply just chasing his last big payday.

I think he's obviously chasing money. But I also think he'll be a plus on the team. He'll be playing with shooters and lob threats, plus LP is well liked by the nba community and is receptive to criticism from his players.

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Just now, gurpilo said:

I like Joe Harris more than Bogdanovic, he shots at much better percentages and will be a better fit, he is slightly better defender also and can play both wing positions. I think for that money he will sign with us with no risk of matching

BB is more dynamic ... he is a play maker too and ball handler ... Harris is Korver 2.0 (which isn't a bad thing) ... an awesome spot up shooter but not much else

1 minute ago, NBASupes said:

Sign all three guys. 



BB, rfa

I'm fine with it 

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11 minutes ago, REHawksFan said:

3 for 3.  Not bad Supes.  But did you predict signing Dunn as well?   

Nope, there was no way of knowing that one. I figured he was in a tough spot though, didn't know Atlanta was interested although it's not a surprise. 

Gallo, was a target from the trade deadline time period. 

BB was someone they were interested around that period as well. Those two players, the Hawks been had interest in. Honestly, Scoop and FSN Wright was the one who got the Rondo scoop. Not me, I was late. 

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