Beals fiancée says Trae is cherry picking

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8 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

I'm gonna quit venting and get on with my day. But... one of my Twitter pals ATLLAEV was right on, when she noted that A LOT of Trae's fan voters (myself included) put in Beal as their "other" guard on the daily, if for no other reason than to ensure Trae didn't get passed by Kyrie, who had just gotten back on the floor.

With the rest of the league's fans on their high horses about winning records as an All-Star prerequisite, I'd venture a guess that at least 75% of Brad's fan votes were sympathetic (if not strategic) Hawks and Wizards fans.

No good deed goes unpunished!


I did the same thing and never voted for Kyrie once.

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Just now, AHF said:

Whatever argument you make for Beal, Trae can make the exact same argument but with a stronger case.

Man is this the truth.  

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