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2 hours ago, bleachkit said:

Does Fran do Big Boards? Id like to see his rankings.

He specifically said he won't and often rails against sites that do.  Says most aren't based on any actual intel, are meaningless.   Stte 

Says he gets intel by trading what he knows with teams who ask him.  Teams ask him things like insight on guys he's seen play or has interviewed in the course of his broadcasting.

As an aside, he clearly interviewed Trae several times at OK, talks about him a lot.  while he was struggling as a rookie, Fran kept saying on air that the turnaround was coming.  Said you don't lead the nation in pts/asts if you can't play.  Fast forward to now though, he often says trae/Hawks have to show they can win.  Fair criticism.

Lastly, back on topic, he says he never asks a team about guys in their draft range.  Meaning, for example, he wouldn't ask MIN about Edwards (that'd be courting misinformation).  He'd ask them about someone they likely won't be drafting.  Low incentive to misinform. 

Sorry for the long response.  I find Fran to be quite a good listen.  Very matter of fact and seems driven by common sense not clicks.

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Yesssss!!! 💡 on again! 🥳 

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