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So in case y'all that have been playing haven't noticed, draft is tonight...same teams as last year.  It'd be cool if the squawkers in the league could confirm in this thread that they're playing.

@AHF, @Sothron, @Diesel, @Spud2nique, @Buzzard, @capstone21, .....there's some others that I don't know their squawk handle but if you know them, send them a reminder.  Thanks everybody!!

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Hey guys and gals. Due to the recent outbreaks and subsequent game cancellations, I’m leaning heavily towards adding two IR spots that will, I think in the long run, be more fair for everyone moving forward. To be honest, I keep forgetting every year to add one IR spot and really should have done so from the beginning this year with the threat of COVID-19 game postponements. So please let me know if there’s any objections as clearly changing league settings on the fly like this could be seen as unscrupulous. Hopefully it won’t be seen that way given the special circumstances we’re under. Thanks everyone!!!  @AHF @Sothron @Diesel @Spud2nique @Buzzard @capstone21

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10 hours ago, capstone21 said:

No objections but is it just IR spots or Covid spots?

So it turns out that if a player actually gets COVID, I believe they can be put on IR. If a player is on a team that has their game postponed due to COVID, but that player specifically hasn’t been diagnosed with COVID, they’re not eligible for IR. However, in the case of the current week, the chiefs and pats are , as of now, playing Monday or Tuesday and those players will count towards this week’s stats(week 4). The Titans and chiefs are rescheduled for October 25th. 

So my decision as a commissioner to try and minimize frustrations for this week and in the future weeks if we continue to have COVID cause fantasy chaos, was to go ahead and add 2 IR spots(which I should have done from the beginning anyway) and I’ve expanded the rosters to have one more bench spot which will essentially help to minimize having to add/drop players frantically during weeks like this.  So if you haven’t already, go see if anyone on your rostert can be moved to IR and fill that extra empty bench slot. In fact, I’m considering adding one more bench spot after the games this week. 

The only issue is the suddenness of these changes and wanting everyone in the league to know so they can be the first to get free agents. I’m personally waiting until before games start Sunday to try and give everyone else first shots at free agents so it won’t seem like I’m trying to be first to grab extra bench depth. 

I just want the league to continue to be fun and hopefully everyone realizes these circumstances are unprecedented. I certainly think the commissioners doing the upcoming squawk basketball leagues should consider bench expansion before the draft and making sure there’s plenty of IR spots beforehand so they’re not scrambling like me to try and fix issues after the fact. 

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1 hour ago, GameTime said:


GG Spud. It's been a rollercoaster season for "The Weight". I thought it was over after CMC was IR'ed.

:laugh1: Oh he da one. GG! Ya that McCaffrey injury and stayin in was huge. Good luck. 

As fans, do you root for the team that just beat you, proving you lost to the best



Root for @capstone21 cuz he didn’t beat you and he’s Canadian 🇨🇦?





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