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SB Nation's Raptors HQ reminds us that the org cut loose one of their G-League guards in December 2018 mere hours after he was formally charged on a DV violation. Also, the team went through some problematic PR this past summer with assistant coach Adrian Griffin following online allegations while the Raps played in the Bubble, but he remains with the club since he was never arrested or charged.

Free agency-wise, Davis has a contract guarantee date, for about $1.5 million, coming up probably in December. But the team won't want to wait to waive him if they find the circumstances behind his arrest have validity.


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"Is it a Rap"?  Stellar.

And what's with these never-was's making all the wrong kinds of news lately?

This dude and Leek Beas fighting over the 'who's dumber' trophy right now.

Judging from his history though, Leek gonna get molly-whopped in a fight.  Hehe

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