Thoughts on Okongwu?


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7 minutes ago, hawkman said:

The potential to stretch the floor is there. His shot doesn't look bad at all. I wonder why he didn't shoot much at USC?

He has that Olajuwon/Dirk Fall back on his shot.  You say his shot doesn't look bad... I say he's going to have a hard time getting it off for a while.  Big men on this level knows how to move with the shooter.  Mechanically, he's going to have to learn to keep the ball higher and get the shot off a little faster if he wants to be successful on offense.  I think the fall away may be from AAU ball or high school where going straight up got his shot blocked. 

I watched his game with Zion in AAU.  He didn't look bad.  He should learn power moves from Zion.   Nothing Zion does is weak.  It's all with strong intention.   That comes from being a bully when playing smaller players. 


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After watching the Draft Day film, OO seems to be a good, level headed kid.  I noticed the big hands!  Good for grabbing those rebounds.  Hope it doesn't take as long for his foot to heal as it did Capela's.  We have all read a ton of stuff about how well all the draft picks are doing.  This is great!  Wasn't expecting any super stars.  Expecting a lot of very good NBA players out of this draft.

Because we all feel that this year will be our last in the lottery, we are like a kid with a new toy that he is forbidden to play with for several days.  Time passes, as Bob said, at glacier speed.  We want to see this new Hawk.  The newest baby Hawk!  Get well soon!!


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