Rajon Rondo signs with the Atlanta Hawks. 2 years/$15 million

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The fact that we're debating playing time is such a good problem to have.

Rondo would be a tremendous mentor to Trae. 

Oh . . so we're SERIOUS about rebuilding the roster, huh? - Got a shooter that can play the wing or on the frontline, that also has the ability to start - Got 2 defensive minded PGs, with on

How much do top assistant coaches make? How much more would you be willing to pay a coach if they could provide you with a few quality minutes on the floor and depth insurance should the unfortunate happen in an unprecedented time for the game?

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4 minutes ago, gurpilo said:

This makes Dunn a non sense signing, and he played 20mpg with Lakers, the champs. He is going to be really pissed off his PT is going to decrease at a borderline playoff team, this history is not going to end well

You just hate everything.   You're worse than me. 😆

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I get a lot of folks concern, but my Big Blue Heart is soaring. I've always loved Rondo. He's a shadow of is former self, but I think he'll still be a positive impact. 

The only person that needs to be concerned is Lloyd. Rondo actually knows what's up and CLP gonna need to step up his game.

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