Rajon Rondo signs with the Atlanta Hawks. 2 years/$15 million

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The fact that we're debating playing time is such a good problem to have.

Rondo would be a tremendous mentor to Trae. 

Oh . . so we're SERIOUS about rebuilding the roster, huh? - Got a shooter that can play the wing or on the frontline, that also has the ability to start - Got 2 defensive minded PGs, with on

3 minutes ago, kg01 said:

I give it a 4.5 on the 10-pt joke scale.

I'm here till Thanksgiving, folks. Please tip your waiter...

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1 minute ago, NBASupes said:

It's gonna be a fight. Everyone is gonna have to earn their mins. 


1 minute ago, ATLHawks3 said:

Guys are gonna have to compete for minutes.

That could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing too

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5 minutes ago, bird_dirt said:

I get a lot of folks concern, but my Big Blue Heart is soaring. I've always loved Rondo. 

Side note...

This signing sure beats Jorts and Randmo, last two former UK players i can recall the Hawks signing. 


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hace 3 minutos, kg01 dijo:

You just hate everything.   You're worse than me. 😆

😆😆😆, I love the Dunn signing and I think he is a great backup PG. I just don't like adding players that do not fit our timeline and at a price clearly bigger than other market signings. Instead of Gallo I would have signed Bertans and Woodand instead of Rondo I would have gone wing direction. I think Rondo either will be unhappy with his role here or will cut on Trae PT, either option is not goog for the team.

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Just now, ATLHawks3 said:

Would've cost more money and knocked us off in the running for Bogdanovic.

He only signed for $10 mill a year, and he is a true 3/4.

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2 minutes ago, Blunt91 said:

He only signed for $10 mill a year, and he is a true 3/4.

We would have used $10 mil in capspace leaving us with $10 and unable to still be in the running for Bogi.  Dunn was signed using the $4.7 Room exception and not our capspace.

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2 minutes ago, gurpilo said:

This makes Dunn a non sense signing, and he played 20mpg with Lakers, the champs. He is going to be really pissed off his PT is going to decrease at a borderline playoff team, this history is not going to end well


No.  It makes him much needed insurance.

Also, keep in mind that statistically, Huerter, Cam, and Hunter were ( minus ) defenders last season.  Now, have options.


PG - Trae - Rondo - Dunn

G - Cam - Huerter - ( with Dunn being able to defensively play alongside Trae or Rondo at the 2 )

F - Hunter - Gallo ( who can play the 3 ) - Cam ( who can play the 3 )

PF - Collins - Gallo - Bruno ( who may get a look at playing the 4 )

C - Capela - Bruno - Okongwu 


There are ways to split the minutes up to make it work:


PG - Trae ( 32 ) - Rondo ( 16 )

G - Cam ( 12 ) - Huerter ( 20 ) - Dunn ( 16 )

F - Hunter ( 26 ) - Gallo ( 10 ) - Cam ( 12 )

PF - Collins ( 32 ) - Gallo ( 16 )

C - Capela ( 30 ) - Bruno/Okongwu ( 18 )


Fillers - Goodwin ( PG ) - Snell ( G/F ) - Knight ( F/C )


Hawks still have to add another filler player to round out the roster.  I would even expect a guy like Bembry or possibly even Skal to be brought back on a vet minimum deal, if they can't find a better deal somewhere else.

LP now has the ability to manage these lineups according to how these guys are playing.  Even a guy like Trae, if he's struggling, might be benched for significant stretches if Rondo can stabilize the team and have them playing well on any given night.  NO EXCUSES for LP now.

The best thing is that we have depth at EVERY POSITION.

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Not a fan.  His always dreadful FT and jump shooting have made him a flat average player for his career, not enough to offset the awful antics we’ve seen out of him.  If his personality is the most dominant in the locker room it’d be an issue.  Don’t know what happened with Augustine but I’d much rather he as a mentor to the guards to go along with Gallo for the wings and Capela for the Bigs.  Hope I’m wrong and his ball hawking and the grail 3:1 assist to turn shine through.

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I think we'll be seeing Dunn & even Rondo playing a lot from the 2. Everybody loves Trae, but knows he's a liability on D. I can see us playing a line up of Trae/Rondo/Huerter/Gallinari/Collins or Trae/Dunn/Gallinari/Collins/Capela at times. And with Huerters ability to handle the ball, we may be seeing Huerter moved to a sixth man role and starting Dunn. CLP definitely has a TON of options for creating matchup nightmares for opponents.

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