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4 minutes ago, AHF said:

Given that they invented the game of basketball, you can understand their attitude.

Riiiiight invented the game. You know we had farmers throwing peaches 🍑 in baskets 🧺 in Georgia in 1782 right? 🤔 

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Expect rumors to start flying on the Hawks very soon.   Snell has gotten serious interest but there are salary match issues.  Do not be surprised if he's moved in a 3 team deal. His value ha

A word on Huerter as a teammate. In the Bulls' heyday, players marveled at the assignments Dennis Rodman would volunteer for. Rodman would stay after practice with players who wanted shooting rep

And just like with Milwaukee, that would be a big mistake playing the city and team cheap. You think it was worth it for them in the end to lose Brogdan just to have to trade assets to acquire Jrue be

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3 minutes ago, AHF said:

The failed Grizzles moving south of the border was just punishment

I blame Stevie Franchise... ok I don’t but who am I gonna point the finger at? Big county (ya I spelled it right)..

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8 minutes ago, thecampster said:


Snell has gotten serious interest but there are salary match issues.  Do not be surprised if he's moved in a 3 team deal. His value has risen to a low first plus filler.

So are just looking for just a pick for Snell or the 'wing' player mentioned elsewhere?

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Interesting stuff, we went hard on the Bogi deal but if the contract is tradeable we are really no worse off.  There's value to having a guy other teams want because you can trade for players you might not have otherwise gotten in FA.  But I know we added that kicker and it's a guaranteed 4 yr soooo... we'll see.  I see Bogi as our failsafe if project Cam doesn't work out, but I would love if we could package him + picks + whatever for a superstar SG in the future (the more I actually watch Lavine play I wish we could land him).

JC was right to be upset with Pierce imo, Trae was definitely overused in the past and we pretty much ran nothing for Collins (except PnR lobs...)

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Too much of a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately-as-in-the-last-five-games attitude for me to stomach.

Tell me about what a player has done that justified giving him a big contract... or high draft pick... and then, give that player a significant number of games (more for a younger one, fewer for a veteran one) to have the chance to justify the expectations that led to acquiring him.

That's valid. That's reasonable.

Don't tell me that what a player didn't do because he was injured, or hasn't done in a mere few games since he was injured is reason to toss out all the reason you'd had previously to invest money or high draft stock in him.

Don't be rash. Don't be impatient. In Schlenk-speak... don't skip steps.

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40 minutes ago, AHF said:

Which players do you see this applying to?  I'm guessing Bogi.  I agree with you that we need to see him over a longer time (and particularly see him healthy) to understand what we have.  His track record pre-Atlanta is much longer and more meaningful than the dozen or so games he has played here.

See your PM plz.

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3 hours ago, thecampster said:

Expect rumors to start flying on the Hawks very soon.


Snell has gotten serious interest but there are salary match issues.  Do not be surprised if he's moved in a 3 team deal. His value has risen to a low first plus filler.

Lots of teams calling on Collins. Hawks are politely listening but are loathe to do anything with him in the middle of a playoff run.

Teams are calling on Cam thinking we are now soft on him.  Do not expect anything here but rumors will be rumors.

Teams are calling on Huerter and offering real value, but he is playing his way into a permanent role on this club and is very popular in the locker room.  He could be packaged if we get a deal that knocks our socks off.

The Hawks are trying to package Bruno to anyone who will listen and no one is listening. He may be included in a deal to bring back a big to backup CC.....but he has no value around the league right now. He is the only player we are actively shopping.

and the final big nugget.

The team is not sure it made the right decision on BB and will listen to offers for him in the offseason. If they can move BB, they will use that money to keep Collins (unless we get an offer we can't refuse).  The team (and others) still think he's worth the money but a very bad fit. Of everything I'm posting here, this is the one I was told that I believe the most.  Do not be surprised if you start hearing about this in the news.


Side note: If you heard the post game interview with Collins, he let slip his feelings about how the team is playing now.  Collins is one of the ones that went to ownership about LP. They did not see eye to eye about his role, his offense. His spat with Trae was actually him talking to management about how LP was overusing Trae at the expense of others. They did not get into it personally. They remain friends off the court. Per 2 sources, Collins was the number one player who went to ownership about LP and it was a full 10 games+ before he was let go. 

Collins quote from question 4 post game with Kelly, "Not that I've learned anything but that I've proven myself right with my thoughts before the season. We should have been on this trajectory earlier, uhm, whatever positive momentum we have I want to continue that and I just want to see us continue to do well and win. You know when we win, it cures all, heals all!"


He stopped himself. In public affairs, we used to be trained to follow up with the interviewee on uhms like that...it usually means they stopped themselves from saying more than intended and you would push them for more.  As a public relations pro, you would train interview subjects to respond to signals and use an uhm to pause and change the direction of the quote.  That is exactly what happened there. He almost let his real feelings slip on live tv. A Hawks friendly interviewer let him off the hook.

Thanks for confirming everything that I've posted about those situations especially Bogie's contract affecting John's Contract and the main criticism of LP and Trae's usage rate.  Just Beautiful!

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1 hour ago, JayBirdHawk said:

Any Rondo rumors?

No one is interested in what Atlanta wants in return. Boston called for Rondo. Atlanta wants to see him in the playoffs first. There was some fear on this till recently.

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Bogi and Gallo aren't available. They aren't even listening for either of them. As Chris and some others have said, Atlanta is listening to hear how high these guys value is. They are even listening for Trae.

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