Hawks v. Grizzlies


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56 minutes ago, terrell said:

Hawks will start Trae Young, Cam Reddish, De'Andre Hunter, John Collins and Clint Capela tonight


I think we may have a starting group and a finishing group.  If this group is our best overall defensive group to start games, while still providing decent offense, I have no problem with these guys starting.

At the end of games though, LP will put a premium on who can score the basketball, which is why 2 of the 3 out of Reddish, Hunter, or Capela will go to the bench, in favor of Bogi and Gallo.


37 minutes ago, bleachkit said:

I think too much is made of who the starters are. It's all about minutes. Technically, Manu G. wasn't a starter for the Spurs.


True. And Manu also finished games. 

Hopefully, LP will start to get a good feel on who to play and not play heavy minutes, based on matchups and production.  He also has to resist the urge to go super small, because that's not going to work against tougher teams.


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2 hours ago, JayBirdHawk said:

Questions going into game 2, the last game of the pre-season:

1. Will this be a dress rehearsal for G1 of the regular season? Or will this be more experimental lineups?

A sign of things to come?



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Trae isn't playing like Trae. He doesn't have the chemistry with Capela (yet) he had with JC, and they aren't running much Trae/JC PnR.

When he gets in the lane for the floater, it's like he's unsure if he's going to shoot it or pass for the lob, the timing just isn't there.

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