Let’s drop our agendas and rise as one

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Can we please drop our agendas, it’s not about us and whether or not we are right or wrong but rather our team. I read through like 20 pages of the game thread last night and it was less about our tea

I have no poster on ignore. I do not plan to put any one on ignore. Do I agree with all posters all the time?  No.  Surely you jest.  If we all agree all the time, what is there left to say?

But no, really you just click your name in the top right corner to access the drop down menu, then click on Ignored Users. There is a space for you to add user's names there. 

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1 minute ago, JayBirdHawk said:

When are we getting back the live in game chat?

@capstone21 has recently gotten some of the necessary changes in place that will allow us to complete that but he would be the best person to update on what a timeline might look like.

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52 minutes ago, bleachkit said:

That wasn't ironic humor or anything.

Again, since I've been tasked with making you a better person, I'll regretfully inform you that no one thinks your jokes are funny.  I know it hurts but you'll thank me later.

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I haven't noticed any agendas, most of them are out the window with LP gone. Just gotta enjoy the games, whether you choose to live in the moment or not.

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LP is gone, trade deadline has passed. At this point, this roster and team is who we are riding with to finish this postseason race. I am all in with this staff and the 17 players in uniform. Once we are officially eliminated we can go back to debating who should stay or go, or get paid x amount, blah blah blah. 

The hope and focus should be on us getting healthy and finding some sort of consistency and chemistry before the playoffs begin.

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I hear you, I'm tired of agendas.  At this point we all should know Trae is not the leader of this team, JC needs to be let loose, Huerter should be getting heavy minutes, and Gallo is our best defender.  Now everybody fall in line!

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9 minutes ago, TheNorthCydeRises said:


As @REHawksFan said, I reject what you are trying to define as being 'agenda driven'. 

What we are saying with Trae needing to score the basketball, is no different from what @Peoriabird and i said earlier in the season about LP needing to put more emphasis on rebounding and defense, in order to improve the team.  And that consistently playing small was not a good thing for the Hawks. 

You have very good posters on this site who sometimes take very controversial positions about this team, and stand by them until proven wrong. A guy like @Diesel ranted against Marvin Williams during his entire tenure as a Hawk.  Most of us got tired of him beating Marvin down, to the point that someone made a gif of a horse with Marvin's jersey on, being beaten.  Now I'm not for animal abuse, but the gif was accurate.

Guess what though. Diesel was proven to be RIGHT!

How about @KB21?  He easily became one of the most hated members on this site, with the things he was saying about the state of this team. 3 years later, at least 75% of the things he was saying, was right.

What about the Tankers vs Anti-Tankers debate.  Once again, you had people on both sides of the aisle on this topic.

Over the years, I've been right and wrong on a variety of topics:

  • Shelden Williams can play center
  • Mike Woodson wasn't as bad as people made him out to be
  • Acie Law is the future PG of the Hawks
  • Josh Smith should play PF, even try being a Diaw-like center, instead of trying to play like a SF
  • eFG% is fraudulent, especially it comes to average 3 point shooters
  • Dennis Schröder should start in front of Teague
  • Thabo Sefolosha sucks ( when we first acquired him )
  • Thabo Sefolosha is the glue guy for the Hawks ( after seeing how the bench never lost leads with him in the game )
  • We shouldn't have tanked
  • and on and on and on.

The great thing about this site is that the mods will give you the freedom to express anything you want, so as you're not going at other members. If it's simply a debate about basketball and the Hawks in general, they will let you go.  This is what @AHF has consistently told members.  Talk about basketball. Not about people.

Even though some of us cross the line at times ( including myself ), it doesn't mean that members should just be quiet and not talk about things they see about the team.  If you and Peoria feel that Trae needs to be more of a facilitator than a scorer, you are perfectly free to express that opinion.  If REhawksFan and I feel that Trae should score more than he facilitates, we should be free to express that as well.

But you can't get mad when we cite numbers to back up what we're saying.  If the Hawks are 11 - 0 when he scores 32 points or more . . and 14 - 8 when he scores 28 points or more, why does that prompt you into saying that "we have an agenda"?  Those are simply facts.  What I would tell you is to show / tell me why those facts do not matter.  That's the basis for debate.


Last thing. How boring would this site be if everyone agreed, or held all dissenting opinion to themselves?  Go check out the past topics in Homecourt.  We have almost 1900 pages of Hawks history on this site, full of jubilation, pain, and flat out wars between posters.  It's a reason why this forum has survived and been so lively, for so long.


Do you have the Cliff Notes version :hehe:.  

I kid. lol

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