Outside of playing in the ECF, the most exciting part of this run is.....


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2 hours ago, KB21 said:

.....the fact that this team has not yet met its ceiling.  There is still a lot of meat left on the bone as far as player development.

The type of jump DeAndre made in year two?  We have several players who will likely make a similar type of jump over the next year or two.  Kevin Heurter, Cam Reddish, and Okongwu are primed to make that jump.  I think we will see Heurter consistently become what we saw last night, and Okongwu is right on the cusp of breaking out like DeAndre did in year two.  Reddish is a complete unknown right now, but the skill and ability is there.  

I talked about this in the preseason and at the trade deadline.  Just the idea that we have significant internal development ahead of us, and maybe we should just let it play out.  We have that rare option to simply grow as a team.  The more minutes these guys play together the better.  I don't see big holes in this roster at the moment.  Embiid was a load for us (for anyone really), maybe you might like a beefier option for post defense than Capela at times?  We switched JC onto Embiid at the end of the game and it was super effective.

Huerter has surprised me and last night made himself a load of CASH.  Kid is still developing and I love how many deflections he gets in the defensive game.  He was chasing Curry through screens all night, playing big minutes, and still had gas in the tank to get it done in the 4th.  He may have just passed Bogi (though i understand Bogi is hurting).  

King Kong just needs to add muscle and continue to work.  He's playing real minutes as a rookie in the playoffs and has looked better and better out there.  15-20 more pounds would look good on him.

Reddish, well so far he's a bust and hasn't shown that he wants to come to work.  Anything he gives would be a pleasant surprise, but he has passed and lapped several times.

Don't know if Lou Will wants to keep playing but I'd love to sign him up for another run.  If not we may need help at backup PG.

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The most exciting:  Watching this Hawk team grow up right before our eyes.

On realgm, fans complained about Collins fouling Embiid.  Collins hit Embiid squarely in the elbow with his nose.  Why didn't they call that foul on Collins?  After all, he was just hunting a foul!

Best Father's day gift I got came last night in Philadelphia !!


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1 hour ago, Diesel said:

"We exploit the frail!"

This saying reminds me of when I was coaching soccer for my young sons many years ago when they were about 11 or 12 years old.  On their own they came up with a chant to yell before starting a game once.  They huddled up and yelled "Kill the wounded. Eat the dead!"

The other coaches on my team and I loved it!  Players on the other team almost shat themselves. 

The league told them never to say it again.






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The most exciting part of this run for me is being right. 🙂  Posted this on Jan 21 2020 (last season):



  • Forget about this season, and forget about trades for a center unless you can get a desperate salary cap dump.  Get Bruno more minutes. 
  • And since we are the Hawks, we'll have the 4th pick in the draft instead of 1 or 2.  We will draft Okongwu - his NBA position is most definitely center.  Strong and freakish long arms.  Then center will be taken care of, and I would keep Bruno and Len (unless we get some nice offers for Len).
  • Then we wait for Cam/Hunter/Huerter to develop, while keeping open the possibility of a big trade or 2021 FA splash for a true All-star SG/SF.  Be patient and don't force it.  If Cam or Hunter grows into their upside, we may already have what we need.  This is the last piece and will be the hardest of all; finding another stud who can coexist symbiotically with Trae.  We need to find our Klay Thompson.
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